The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

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Miles the Maniac, Chapter Infinity
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Previously on Revolution: Monroe got power. Our heroes split up, with Rachel and Aaron heading west to the Tower, and Miles, Charlie, Jim and Nora continuing the anti-Monroe resistance. And the family Neville has gone rogue.

Philadelphia. One of Monroe's peons tells him the Nevilles have fled, probably because spies report that Jason Neville is still alive. Monroe is way more stunned and wounded-seeming than a guy in charge of an empire should be. All we've learned about Monroe is that he deals swiftly with traitors and any hint of dissent, so wouldn't that indicate that he's had at least a little experience with, you know, traitors and dissent? He says he's clearly been too kind and trusting since Neville felt he could lie to him. Captain Peon says he didn't know any of this, but Monroe doesn't think he can trust the captain not to betray him as well, since he and Neville were so close. Captain Peon protests that he's loyal, but Monroe shoots him dead anyway.

Galloping! Adventurously! The man on the racing horse stumbles into camp and Miles pulls him off the horse. The man is bleeding and Miles hollers for a medic, but he dies as Miles pulls a small, bloody square of paper from the messenger's pocket. He gives it to Nora and they tell Charlie four of their spies died to get them the news that Monroe sent the bomb to Atlanta. He's confident Monroe will use it if Georgia doesn't surrender.

Rachel explains to Aaron that this week they are looking for a Dr. Warren, who's an expert on the Tower.

Monroe Republic-Georgia Federation border. Charlie, Miles and Nora creep through the razor-wire fencing and she stops to look around, standing out in the open. Miles asks Charlie if she actually has a death wish, but she just muses, "I've never left the Monroe Republic." Miles mutters, "My God, you're a hick," and not for the first time regrets boning Rachel nineteen years ago.

Georgia has steam-powered buses and the occasional Vespa, it seems. Charlie just stares at everything, goggle-eyed. Wait 'til she sees Chick-fil-A. Miles exposits that Georgia is filthy rich because of the warm weather that lets them have a longer growing season. He's even heard they're trading with Europe. Nora asks how he plans to get into fortified Atlanta. His plan: They stake out a house that's flying the Georgia flag (which is, crucially, not the Georgia flag you might think they'd revert to, so thanks for that, NBC), and Miles tells Charlie to kill the guy who answers the door so they can steal uniforms and get through Atlanta's gates disguised as Federation soldiers. Charlie is totally okay with killing innocent people in cold blood now.

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