The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

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Miles the Maniac, Chapter Infinity

Charlie knocks. No one answers. So Miles breaks the door in and they find a bunch of teenage soldiers dead on the floor, all shot in the head. Looks like Monroe men's work, Miles says. Nora tells him the spare uniforms are missing, so Miles says they'll strip the bodies. Eeesh. Ooh, and he'll take this pretty Bowie knife next to one of the bodies. Miles stares at it and says he's seen the knife before -- it was his. Someone named Alec did this, he says. Miles stomps off to have a tortured flashback.

Seven years after the blackout. Miles and Alec, in their Monroe Militia uniforms, sit at a bar and talk about some idiot kid who grew up to be a pretty fine captain, thanks to his mentor -- that idiot was Alec, and Miles is the mentor. Keep up, slow kids! Miles pulls out his knife and explains that his grandfather carved the handle and carried the knife safely through the Korean War. It went to Vietnam with Miles's dad and is something of a good luck charm since he also came home safely. He gives it to Alec and tells him to always come back alive.

Aaron and Rachel wander through a creepy forest. She warns him that when they find Dr. Warren, she shouldn't alarm or make eye contact with her, since she can be odd. And apparently she's also a mountain gorilla who finds eye contact to be a sign of aggression. Before they get to her house, they're accosted by two men who want to collect a "toll." Great, because there's been a definite drought of sexual assault lately in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. They attack Rachel and Aaron, but suddenly the guy grappling with Aaron stops, his face bubbling, his eyes filling with blood. The other guy drops Rachel and tries to help his friend, but they both basically cook to death in a matter of seconds. Aaron and Rachel lie on the ground and freak out as Meredith Grey's mom comes out of the woods, looking peevish. "Jane," Rachel gasps.

Jane (that would be Dr. Warren) is not particularly happy to see Rachel. Aaron wants to talk about the two crispy critters, but Jane, who's holding a palm-sized blinking object that maybe she controlled the burning with, just concludes, "Must be what God feels like," and then invites them home for sandwiches. Aaron has lost his appetite.

Georgia. Miles, Charlie and Nora walk into the city center, where all the good people of Atlanta are just milling about, all very nicely dressed and clean looking, in contrast with the grubby, heroin-riddled cities of the Monroe Republic. Miles tells them they need to find Alec before he kills as many civilians as he possibly -- since that's what Miles taught him to do.

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