The Plague Dogs

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Mad Dogs & Englishwomen

Independence Hall (or at least I think that's where Rachel is being held). Monroe comes in. She doesn't look like she's suffered overmuch from Johnny's attentions. He asks her what kind of mother she is, to abandon her children. Well, she left them with their father. That doesn't seem like abandonment to me. He asks if it hurt to leave them, or if she's a cold bitch who doesn't feel anything. Monroe says Danny will be there soon, and they'll see how tough she is when they torture Danny. Oh, The Cape. What happened to make you such a monster? Other than being separated from your precious boyfriend, Miles, obviously.

On the road, Rachel kisses Ben and the kids goodbye, and cries as she walks away with Charlie screaming behind her. She arrives at a barn, and says to someone, "I came. Like you asked." That person is Miles, wearing the militia's Confederate-style uniform. She asks Miles to promise she'll see her kids again. He handcuffs her and doesn't reply.

Next time: The travelers hear a train whistle (so steam power, or at least coal, still works). They need to destroy the train to save Danny, and then our remaining four encounter Neville, who seems downright delighted to see Miles again.

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