The Song Remains the Same

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Three Times a Fool
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Previously on Revolution: Neville tried and failed to kill Miles, then disowned his son for not being enthusiastic enough about massacring innocent people. Danny got himself killed, so Charlie and Rachel are out for Monroe's blood, and Rachel finally started to tell Aaron about how she and Randall caused the blackout.

Philadelphia. Monroe finally admits Neville into his presence, after making him wait for an hour, because the Monroe Republic adheres to the same subtle social cues as the folks on Downton Abbey. Inside the office, Monroe tells Neville that he and Randall were discussing sending Neville to retrieve something important, although Randall throws shade about whether he's capable of this simple task, then smilingly recounts Neville's fuckups: killing Ben, letting Miles get away. He says if Neville worked for Randall, he'd fire him. Neville grits that he doesn't work for him, and calls Randall a civilian in a cheap suit. Randall, outraged, says he's wearing vintage Zegna. Dude, everything is vintage now.

Monroe interrupts all the childish squabbling and tells Neville that Randall deserves respect because he's important to the republic. He instructs Neville not to make him regret sending him on this crucial mission.

Julia Neville chases her husband down the stairs and frets about where he's going and when he'll be back and whether he's in danger, and how she can't pretend any longer that Jason is dead. Man, Kim Raver's nose freaks me out. It points up too much. She tells her husband she's sacrificed too much for Tom and his job. She's looking at everyone, thinking she might see Jason. He reminds her that Monroe will have them both executed if he finds out Jason went AWOL.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Delmarva, Charlie is practicing her sword fighting. The drill ends with a blade at her neck, so Miles chastises her poor form and tells her to do it again.

Aaron flips through Rachel's notebook, utterly bewildered. He stares at one drawing of a little blobby thing with appendages and asks, "This is what caused the blackout?" She tells him there are bajillions of these devices in the world, each one the size of a virus, in the air, on buildings, even in people's bodies, and they're programmed to absorb electricity and replicate. Aaron's mind is blown--he asks if these organisms started reproducing uncontrollably, and she confirms that something went wrong in the Tower. He wants to go there and reprogram the things, disable them, but Rachel says it won't work; they'll just die, and this time she's resolved not to leave her lousy brat of a daughter behind.

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