The Song Remains the Same

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Three Times a Fool

Neville provokes Miles, asking if he thought rescuing one kid would make up for the all the lives he's taken. Miles answers by punching. Neville spits out a bunch of blood--ack--and says he can't talk if he's dead. Miles hisses that he's not going to kill him. They're just going to beat the stuffing out of him, let him heal, then repeat the process, for as long as it takes.

Rachel destroys the latest pendant while Aaron watches. He asks if she's okay. It's pretty damn clear she is not.

Nicholas greets a group of rebels, including Jason. Charlie tries to stop him from going inside the base, but he already knows they have his father, and he wants to talk to him. Miles says that's not happening, because Miles isn't an idiot. But he does leave himself open to the haymaker Jason throws at him for threatening his mother. Jason's group leader cocks her weapon and asks if there's a problem. Jason says there's not, but Miles isn't about to trust him, and tells him to turn around and scamper off, and if he comes back, Miles will "bash your little boy band face in." Jason, of course, doesn't know what a boy band is, because he spent his childhood staring at silent Lionel Richie album covers.

Night. Neville's still chained to his chair, and he probably has to pee by now, right? Rachel brings food to the cell and the guard says he has to take it in. Rachel agrees, then drops Neville's apple and knocks the guard out with the tray. She's about to open the cell door when Charlie catches her and asks what she's doing, as if it isn't perfectly obvious.

Charlie approaches her mother slowly, like you would a wild animal or Amanda Bynes, and says they can't kill Neville because they need him. Rachel pleads that it's only a matter of time before he escapes (spoiler alert: she is totally right), and tells Charlie to get out of the way so she can kill him. Charlie hollers that she'll kill Neville when Miles is done with him, but Rachel sobs that this is the only chance they'll get. Charlie hisses that this is a war and they can't get emotional. Rachel tells her she sounds like Miles, which Charlie takes as a compliment.

Rachel goes off to have herself a good cry, and Miles interrupts her before she can get somewhere private. She asks him how it's possible that he's better for Charlie than she is, which really freaks him out. She breaks down into tears and Miles slowly wraps his arms around her while she cries. He pets her hair, and I'm really starting to believe y'all's theory that Miles is Charlie's father.

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