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Oh, Danny Boy
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Previously on Revolution: The lights went out. Fifteen years later, Neville killed Ben Matheson and kidnapped his son, Danny, so Ben's daughter, Charlie, went to Chicago to find her uncle Miles and go searching for Danny. The trail lead to Philadelphia, where Miles's old buddy Monroe was running the militia that controls a huge chunk of the former United States and holding Danny and Charlie's mother hostage, because she knows how to turn the power back on. So now the Mathesons are free and reunited, but Monroe also has power.

We pick up right where we left off, with a Monroe helicopter about to gun down Nora, Aaron, and all four Mathesons. The people on the ground finally start running, with the helicopter in pursuit. They hide in a diner, which the helicopter then blows up with missiles. Like, really blows it up. Well. It will be nice not to listen to Charlie's whining any longer. But I'll miss Miles.

Ah, hell. Of course we're not that lucky. They survived without even a scratch by hiding in the walk-in freezer. Miles musters the troops and they move out.

Back in Philadelphia, Monroe is staring dourly out the window, the way he spends all his evenings now that video games and Internet porn are no more. Neville comes in and tells him the men didn't find the Mathesons' remains, which Monroe knows means they're all still alive. Monroe blames Neville for letting Miles and the others get away, but after he apologizes, Monroe says they don't matter, because now he has power. Monroe says they're sending their choppers to wipe every rebel camp off the face of the earth, and then they'll take over the rest of the continent. Ooh, genius has turned to madness. Monroe has one last order--if Neville finds Miles alive, he's to kill him. So the love that spoke its name repeatedly is over, then.

Charlie and Nora, wearing militia uniforms, are driving a cart. They come to a gate and tell the man guarding it that their cargo is just corpses from the morgue. But the guard wants to inspect the cargo, since they're looking for some fugitives. Charlie holds up her wrist, now scarred with a Monroe brand, and says she's just doing her job, but the guard won't be dissuaded. Charlie pries open a coffin--one of the ones that isn't holding a live person, like Aaron, who's quietly freaking out over in his own Ryan Reynolds movie--and shows him the bloody corpse inside.

Outside the city limits, Danny gets out of his coffin and embraces his mother. Aaron and Miles get out of theirs as well, and Nora rushes over to kiss Miles, who makes eye contact with Rachel while he's doing so. Awk-wards. Now that they're out of danger, Aaron wants some answers from Rachel, like why she isn't just a nice housewife, like he thought she was, and an explanation of the pendant that almost got everyone killed. She promises she will explain, but right now they need to hide from the helicopter bearing down on them. Nora guesses it's heading to the rebel camp in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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