There Will Be Blood

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A Whole Ocean of Blood Under Our Feet
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Previously on Revolution: Rachel broke everything. Charlie is hunting Monroe and also sleeping her way across the Plains Nation. The U.S. government is back, and they've made the critical error of pissing Tom Neville off. Spooky Matt Ross has a family of bandits terrorizing Texas. And Aaron died. But then he un-died.

We start right where we left off, with Aaron gasping back to life. Rachel flings herself on top of him, hollers for her father, and starts doing mouth-to-mouth. Dr. Gene, after a moment of "Why are you French-kissing a corpse, Rachel? Is this what you're into now? I knew I never should have allowed the teenagers in this town to dance!" puts a manual respirator on Aaron and Aaron comes back to consciousness, choking and spitting up blood. Dr. Gene is all, THE FUCK? Mrs. Aaron just stands in the doorway and freaks out. As you'd expect.

Somewhere in the Plains Nation, Monroe is unconscious and tied up in the bottom of an empty swimming pool. One of the dudes from ZZ Top flips through an old issue of Penthouse at a table next to the pool. ZZ hears something and investigates—it's Charlie, of course, who clubs him into unconsciousness. Pistol drawn, she creeps around the swimming pool, intending to kill Monroe, but someone surprises her by saying, "Hey." Charlie shoots. Cheekbones Guy shoots as well and Charlie falls into the pool.

Titus Andover's Festival of Horrors. Miles and Sheriff Mason are in separate cages. Some of Titus's family members drag a screaming man out through a red door. Mason recognizes a woman in a nearby cage, calling her Sara Wilkerson. She's all, oh hey, nice to see you, everything sucks. He asks what's behind the red door, and she dully says people go in but don't come back—including her son.

Miles decides this is a fine time to play Twenty Questions, and asks Mason how he became sheriff of Willoughby. Turns out Mason idolized a Texas Ranger his dad used to tell him stories about. A Texas Ranger named…Walker. Miles is dryly amused. (Although the ages don't quite work here. Adam Beach is 40. That's certainly old enough to have seen a TV show that aired from 1993 to 2001. Ugh, show.)

Some of Titus's pals come back and forcibly withdraw blood from both Miles and Mason. I doubt they're being too careful about cleaning the needles. They drip four drops of blood onto two separate pieces of paper, then hold up the papers and compare them. "Him. Not him," one of the men says, and another one shoots Mason in the face. I hope they have Chuck Norris reruns in heaven.

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