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El Jefe, El Chero y La Mujeruca
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Previously on Revolution: Gene betrayed the Matheson gang and Dr. Horn killed Cynthia, because Aaron wouldn't ask his imaginary friend made of nanites to save her. But then he used his Carrie powers to burn Horn alive. Tom and Jason Neville discovered that Mama Julia is alive, and married to some white dude in the government. Miles keeled over from his disgustingly infected arm, which is good, because that means he doesn't have to listen to Monroe whine about his secret son, Li'l Sebastian.

Back in the Willoughby high school, where we left off, Ed and another government man find the charred remains of Dr. Horn and the other soldiers Aaron killed. Outside, a couple of soldiers are patrolling; they're shot dead with arrows. Ah, so have the writers remembered that there used to be a bullet shortage on this show?

Gene cools his heels in his candlelit prison cell, recoiling when footsteps come close. But it's Monroe, there to free him. Gene's a little freaked out that the man he executed is, er, alive, but Monroe tells him to shake it. Gene's horrified when he sees the dead soldiers on the way out, conveniently forgetting he's responsible for quite a bit worse.

Monroe and Charlie lead Gene into a barn cellar, where Rachel is keeping watch over sweaty, unconscious Miles. Gene stammeringly apologizes for, you know, betraying her to her death, and they hug. Monroe interrupts to remind them about the half-dead Matheson in the other room.

Miles's infected veins look like a hideous tribal tattoo running up the inside of his right arm at this point. Gene goes to work — slicing open the infected flesh and pouring maggots into the wound. MAGGOTS. Hold on, I need to go throw up everything. Some time later, Rachel sleeps on Miles's shoulder, seeming unperturbed by the proximity to flesh-eating vermin.

Aaron stands over Cynthia's grave and flashes back to his creepy nanite pal Kevin. Rachel finds him and he asks, not for the first time, apparently, if she knows the significance of the city the kid said he was from — Spring City, Oklahoma. Rachel thinks Aaron's in shock, but he insists he needs to investigate, because that's what Cynthia wanted him to do. Gene approaches then, and apologizes to Aaron, who'll have none of it. Gene tells Rachel that Miles has woken up.

Still half bunnies, Miles growls that he wants whiskey, because water makes him sick. Rachel beams at him hugely, and then Monroe barges in and shoos the ladies out. He demands to know where his son is, since he did what Miles asked and saved Aaron. Gene, too, as a bonus. Miles confesses that Li'l Sebastian is named Connor, and promises to take Monroe to him.

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