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Sister, Sister
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Previously on Revolution: Nora joined our merry band, Nate/Jason saved Charlie's life again, and Miles discovered Aaron's magical lights-go-on pendant.

Freeport, Pennsylvania. Nora is trying to bribe a militia guard to let her and the others cross the bridge, which Miles says is the only one for a hundred miles, because the militia blew all the others up and they burn any boats they catch. (It's the Allegheny River they're trying to cross, to get to Philadelphia.) Nora is successful, and the foursome warily crosses the bridge, which is lit with torches.

Miles notices someone with a gun behind a pylon, and says quietly to the others that it's a trap and they need to turn and run. Ah, and it's Sergeant Strausser who's set the trap. Miles says, "Now" and they run, the militia firing after them. Miles turns back and sees Strausser, who is Not Pleased. Miles and the others flee, the militia in pursuit, until they come to a dead end.

The militia soldiers chasing them look inside an abandoned brick building, where the four are hiding. They don't find them and take the search elsewhere. Aaron asks how the militia found them, and Miles tells them it's Strausser. So how are they going to cross the river, Aaron asks. "We don't," Miles says. They'll have to try crossing at Morgantown, West Virginia. Charlie objects because it will take so much more time, but Miles says Strausser is the only person who's ever scared Miles, so country roads it is.

Some poor militia schmuck has to tell Strausser he lost the fab four. Strausser does not take the news well, and stabs the guy in the gut. He calls to the others, "Bring out the girl." Oh, that can't be good.

Miles and the others are hustling on their way when they see a red flare in the sky. The sentries are hollering Nora's name, which confuses her, until she hears the rest of their message: "We have Mia." Miles tells Nora not to run right into the trap, but she does, and sees a girl, gagged and hanging by her wrists from a flagpole. She's Nora's sister.

Two months after the blackout. Two girls are hiding under a bed as a man stomps through their house (and one of the girls is Miss Teen San Antonio, which is awesome). The booted man comes into the bedroom and begins riffling through the girls' things. The older girl keeps the younger one from making any noise, and the man leaves. In the morning, Nora and Mia, who look maybe fourteen or fifteen and eight or nine, climb out from under the bed. Nora tells Mia to stay in the bedroom while she looks around. She finds their mother dead in her bed. Out in the hall, Mia calls out, and Nora lies and says their mother isn't there and they need to go to their father's house. She tells her sister not to be scared.

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