Ties That Bind

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Sister, Sister

So now the plan for the fab four is to head to Morgantown. Mia apologizes to Nora for not helping, and says she's going to head to Texas. She asks Nora again to come with her, then pleads when Nora refuses. Charlie interrupts and tells Nora to go with Mia.

Nora picks up her bag and goes over to Miles, who's squinting bad-temperedly. He starts to say it's going to be more difficult to get Danny back without her, but she interrupts by kissing him, which makes Charlie and Aaron distinctly uncomfortable. She starts the "till we meet again," and Miles says they probably won't, actually, because of this here suicide mission, and Nora says that's what he said the last time they parted. She and Mia turn and go.

Neville is supervising the pummeling of John, alongside Monroe, who says they caught Stephen and seven other rebels outside the city with a whole lot of explosives. They were all executed, including Stephen. Monroe says John claimed not to know about Stephen's activity, which is why they're making mincemeat out of his face right now. Although they're not really interrogating him at all. Just punching. Monroe asks Neville how he found out about Stephen, and Neville keeps his source confidential. Monroe says he owes him for the favor, and Neville asks if he'd reconsider sending Jason away. Monroe says he's keeping Jason in Philadelphia, but that Neville will have to keep him in line.

Nora and Mia walk, and Mia asks how long Nora managed before she started sleeping with Miles again. Nora says she didn't, and Mia asks what else he's good for, since he's not much of a talker. And while they were distracted, the two wander directly into a clearing, surrounded by Strausser's men. Mia hands over the pendant and tells Strausser she led Miles and the others to the ferry landing, like she told Strausser she would. He thanks her, and says she and Nora are free to go. Nora makes a wrinkly browed face of deepest betrayal.

Mia turns to go, but Nora is still all hung up about the betraying. She asks if Strausser hanging her was an act, and Mia confesses that she's been bounty-hunting for the militia this past year. She says Strausser knew who she was and she didn't have a choice -- he said he'd kill them both if she didn't play along. Nora demands to know if Mia actually found their father, and Mia says she didn't. Nora can't believe she lied to her, and Mia's like, you lied to me about Mom when I was a kid! Which is a pretty damn dumb excuse. I think the statute of limitations on lies you tell eight-year-olds is like five years, ten, tops. Nora runs off to try and save Miles, Charlie, and Aaron, with Mia yelling after her.

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