Ties That Bind

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Sister, Sister

Aaron notices the pendant is gone and asks Miles what he did. Miles is denying doing anything when gunfire erupts. They take shelter behind some cars. In the distance, Nora hears the gunshots. Strausser calls to Miles to surrender, and Miles accepts how effed they are and calls, "Hold your fire!" Nora sneaks up on a militia soldier, stabs him in the back and takes his gun. Miles, hands up, walks out from behind the car, over Charlie's objections. Strausser tells him to drop his swords.

Miles greets Strausser as "Corporal," and Strausser snits that he's been promoted. Miles observes that he's a sociopath, actually. (I think, historically, there have been some sociopathic commissioned officers in our armed services, no? Sherman was really kind of a dick.) He says before the blackout he'd have been committed, and Strausser pulls out the old chestnut about how society is sick, not him. Miles does not agree. Strausser tells another soldier to cuff Miles, and Nora shoots that soldier in the head. Miles and Strausser both take cover and Nora jogs over to where Miles is. "I knew you couldn't stay away" is how he welcomes her back.

Miles tells Nora to go get Charlie and Aaron. She hands him her gun, but when he tries to fire, it's empty. Strausser comes out of cover and starts trying to fillet Miles alive. They fight. Miles knocks Strausser down, grabs his own swords, and runs. And of course not thirty feet away the four come to a Butch-and-Sundance-style cliff overlooking a rushing river. Miles says they have to jump. They do.

The fab four are trying to dry out next to a fire, and Aaron is doing his thousand-yard stare of mopiness. Miles comes over to him and Aaron's like, yeah, yeah, we should have destroyed it. Miles asks what he thinks Monroe will do when he's figured out the necklace, and Aaron hopes he'll just turn the lights on and let everyone go back to playing Angry Birds. Miles says Monroe doesn't care about lights, he just cares about weapons, and if he gets power, he'll have planes and drones and lots of people will die because Aaron couldn't keep Mia from picking his pocket. Aaron's like, I got it, I feel awful, want to give a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice in it?

Nora apologizes to Charlie for trusting her sister, and then flashes back to the house in Galveston. Mia asks her if they're going to die. Nora says they're not, and that Mia shouldn't think about the people they've seen die. She says the only thing that matters is keeping themselves safe. She lies down in bed next to her. And then their world got way, way crappier.

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