Ties That Bind

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Sister, Sister

Philadelphia. Strausser hands over the pendant. Monroe says he'll be properly rewarded for his loyalty, and stares fanatically at the pendant.

Julia is watching bloody-faced Jason sleep. She goes down to her husband and says Jason will be out for a while. She observes that Monroe trusts Neville, and Neville qualifies, "As much as he trusts anyone." Julia asks Neville to describe Monroe's emotional state, and Neville asks what this is really about. Julia says Monroe has been more paranoid and erratic since Miles left, and it's just a matter of time until he does something like that to Neville. She says Monroe isn't fit to lead, and Neville cautions her not to say that to him or to anyone. Julia Lady Macbeths that they need a real leader, someone who's strong and unafraid. She keeps stroking her husband's ego, and I am a tiny bit concerned about a potential Rick-and-Shane scenario here.

Rachel is tinkering with some sort of mechanical object, possibly building it based on some drawings. Monroe comes in and gives her the pendant. He says now she has everything she needs to -- what? Well, to build him a Mechagodzilla, that's what.

Randall/Flynn comes into the room where he's imprisoned Grace. He tells her she needs to come see something. He brings her to a grid of computer screens, and one of them has a map of the country with electronic markers of all the pendants. He says Ben's pendant is heading east from Wisconsin to Philadelphia. Randall/Flynn says he guesses Monroe has it. Grace asks what he's going to do about it, and he says he's not going to do anything: she is. The camera pulls back and they seem to be in some sort of underground complex. It looks vaguely Matrix-y, or like what I imagine the underground complex where everyone lives in Mockingjay looks like.

Next week: Rachel shows Neville and Monroe her invention, and Miles and Monroe come face-to-face. And next week showcases a hot new band you probably haven't heard of: Led Zeppelin. What?

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