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Stupid, Selfish and Bleak
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Previously on Revolution: Charlie won herself some mercenaries, which Team Matheson is going to need, since Willoughby is now home to a patriot reeducation camp. Neville teamed up with Ed Truman to try to take out Monroe, but they fucked up utterly and now are in Victor's crosshairs. And it turns out the kids the patriots have conscripted all have numbers tattooed inside their eyelids that can be used to turn them into murder zombies.

Victor and a squad of patriot soldiers approach the (now empty) Team Matheson safe house, as Miles, Monroe, and Connor watch from a good distance away. Back at the water treatment plant, or whatever the place is where they had the shootout last week, Monroe wails about how Miles failing to kill Dillon means the patriots now know where they live. Miles insincerely apologizes for making "it harder for you and your kid to get your discount empire back." Now both Monroes are acting like peevish little babies rather than just the senior one.

Gene interrupts the bitching by declaring he's going back to Willoughby to get them some help. He swears the people of Willoughby are good people who will fight for their side. No one really believes him, since Gene will have to turn these people against their own children (and Gene used to be pretty fond of the "patriot Kool-Aid," as Miles calls it, himself). Miles agrees to take Gene to Willoughby, over Monroe's petulant objections.

Miles kills a couple of patriot soldiers in order to get himself and Gene through the gate at Willoughby. Inside the town, there's some distinctly Soviet-looking iconography decorating the sides of buildings, in case we were under the impression that the patriots weren't totalitarian bad-news machines.

In Ed's office, Neville is giving a monologue about how people don't bother to look beneath Ed's bland, inoffensive mask to see the conniving, ambitious bastard he really is. But Neville likes that about him! He wonders why Ed was willing to give the whole town typhus but holds back on going along with Neville's plan to kill just one dude -- namely, Victor Doyle. Ed's all…because if we fail he will totally stuff my balls down my throat? After Neville leaves Ed's office, two patriot soldiers pummel him bunnies and drag him off to see Victor.

Miles and Gene skulk about in the shadows, watching as a lady cleans up the outside tables at Willoughby's Only Bar. They let themselves in and surprise Marion, the owner, who's none too pleased to see Stu…er, Famous Mass Murderer Miles Matheson. Gene convinces Miles to put down his six dozen guns so Marion won't feel threatened, and then asks her to help him talk to the townspeople. But before Gene can get the whole sentence out, Marion runs for it. Miles catches her and they drag her down to the cellar (where Marion has the still for her homemade booze. How are we only just now meeting Marion? She seems like a good lady to have around).

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