Rice Wars

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Race Wars
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It's getting crowded on Redemption Island. Matt decides to stay up all night begging God to let him leave this game, as he seems to think he's only still in it because Jesus seems to want him there. "I'm just such a broken man right now," he tells Jesus, who is apparently loving every minute of Matt's pain. Matt then interviews that he's actually starting to get back into the game and want to stay, but then David shows up, surprising Matt and Mike, neither of whom expected to see a third person. The change in the Redemption Island rules throws Matt off and makes him miserable again. They wonder if booted contestants will just keep coming to Redemption Island until the entire jury is there and there's one last duel between them to get back in the game, or if there will be a three-way duel tomorrow. Matt wonders if a three-way challenge is even called a "duel," and David guesses it's called a "truel." Actually, he seems to be right. With that, they sleep.

The next day at Murlonio, the remaining three Zapatos eat their spoiled fish and seem to be in good spirits. Steve says he's happy to still be in the game and that David left instead of him. Ralph says David didn't say much at Tribal, and Steve says he didn't really have a chance, what with Phillip speaking the entire time. And Phillip is still speaking, as he takes a seat in a nearby chair and starts saying nonsense words. Seriously: "uma honga homina homina" and the like. He's sewing his feather back into his headband while he chants, and it seems clear to me that the casting department put a crazy homeless man in this game. Steve says Phillip baffles him, as he's annoying and crazy but his alliance seem to like him and stay loyal to him, so Steve has to give him credit for still being in this game. Phillip dons his feather headband and stares at a bird flying through the air as Steve says his alliance's only chance right now is that Onomatopoeia gets so annoyed with Phillip that they vote him out instead of one of them.

Phillip sits on a cliff and meditates and chants while wearing little clothing. And his feather, of course. He interviews about his interpretation of Buddhism, which I'm just going to assume is incorrect. It has something to do with God manifesting itself in different ways and being open to that and channeling it. Fortunately for Phillip, he has that feather acting as a God antenna, so he's more likely to receive God's signals than anyone else in the game. He continues that he meditated again this morning and his grandpa stopped by to say hello and that somehow translated into Phillip realizing that he should trust Rob to take him to the end of the game. So all those promises he made us about how he was going to wait until the right opportunity to take Rob down were, after all, a load of bull.

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