A Whole New Kind Of Bitch

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I Gave Him My Whole Heart And He Just Crushed It

All right, I'm already out of time, but I want to repeat the cautions I made in the recap, and try to figure out where we're headed next. This is a soap opera, so we can't count on Gemma being dead -- at least until we see her lifeless body. And really, with some soaps? You can't count on a person being dead until you've seen them buried. And there's a whole different set of rules for Days of Our Lives fans, but I digress. These are our possibilities as I see them: Henry killed Gemma; someone else killed Gemma; Gemma set it up to make it look like she was killed by Henry and or Bridget/Shiv. I can't decide which possibility most pleases me. We can't go by the previews for next week, because look how many twists there were in tonight's episode, and how misleading the previews have been for the past few episodes. Misdirection is the soap opera's stock-in-trade. I sort of hope Gemma is still alive. I guess I mostly think she's dead, because then our next intrigue becomes who killed Gemma -- and who is going to try to pin it on Bridget (who thanks to the Contrivance Fairy, has pretty sound alibis)? But I like Gemma, and I like how, even though the episode title "A Whole New Kind Of Bitch" was uttered by Juliet about Shiv/Bridget, it applies to the vindictive Gemma, as well. I don't blame Gemma for her outrage and anger. She has no reason to feel loyalty toward Bridget, but her contempt for Bridget's past and the fact that her first plan was to degrade Bridget by forcing her into prostitution -- well, that's the sort of response that would have summoned Anya (a vengeance demon) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. At any rate, this is the second week that I'm left wanting more right now, so keep it up, show. And please don't be afraid to let the bath bubble up over the tub's edge and onto the floor. It's soap on ceramic tile and will clean up much more quickly than all that blood at the Bickerson's.

I'll see you next week when Jason Dohring joins the show, in "The Poor Kids Do It Every Day." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us in the show thread. We're so sorry for writing WHORE on your picture, that we've already scrubbed it off.

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