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Tea for Two

The CW: Let's cut to commercial, so that you can ignore how little sense that just made.

Barton home, Night. Guyliner waits 'til the family leaves the house then breaks in using a credit card. You'd think a hit man would have a more secure house.

Meanwhile, over at Park Ave., Juliet confesses to Andrew that she went to see her mother. She hates the idea of her being institutionalized and suggests hiring a nurse and setting Catherine up in an apartment. Juliet's done some research. Andrew points out that Cattie will be released tomorrow. Juliet asks if she can come to Park Ave., just until they can hire someone. Andrew doesn't want Catherine around Juliet while she's like this. Juliet understands but she can't live with the idea of just sending her mother away.

Audience: Really?

Juliet begs her daddy to think about it. You know he's going to cave. We cut back to the...

Barton House. Down in the basement, Guyliner finds a secret door. He opens it and enters the hidden room, where he finds that picture of Shiv and Andrew in Paris. Shiv has been cut out of it. There are some surveillance photos, too. When he notices a locked freezer, he takes a crow bar and breaks into it. Inside is a frozen corpse.

Bridget knocks on Henry's front door. The window is that mottled glass, remember, so while she can tell a woman is in the front hall, she doesn't realize it's her presumed-dead twin, Siobhan. Bridget is all, "I need to talk to Henry. Anni-Frid, I can see you..." When Bridget starts to unlock the front door, we cut to commercial, which of course will give Shiv time to hide. Darn it. Once she lets herself in, Bridget calls out, "Hello... Henry? Anni-Frid?" Shiv is hiding just in the next room. As the people in our show thread have noted time and again, no one on this show has peripheral vision, so Siobhan and her big belly remain hidden long enough to allow Shiv to grab something with which she can clock Bridget over the head. It's just then that Henry comes home. He can see both twins. He distracts Bridget's attention and probably saves her from a concussion by asking what she's doing in his house.

Bridget would like to know why she was hauled into the police station. Tool Belt lies that the maid is lying about letting him into Tyler's hotel room. He says he panicked and hired a woman to pay her off. The hired woman was blonde, so because of their "relationship" the police assumed it was Shiv. Bridget-as-Shiv reminds Tool Belt they have no relationship and tells him he needs to tell the cops it's long over. She has no reason to bribe anyone. Henry assures her he'll do her best. Then Bridget starts to put two and two together (in four sort of way) and asks why the maid would lie if money wasn't her motive. Tool Belt lets out a nervous chuckle and says he wishes he knew. He reminds her he was at the hotel writing and had no idea Tyler was staying there.

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