If You're Just An Evil Bitch Then Get Over It

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Tea for Two

Bridget: You knew. You knew about Tyler and... and..."me."

Henry: You and Tyler? Come on. Are you serious?

Bridget: Oh my God, Henry. You did kill Tyler. It's written all over your face.

Henry: Knock it off. I didn't kill anybody. You know what? I need you to leave my house now, please.

Bridget: I know you're hiding something.

Once Bridget is gone, Henry just walks past Siobhan without saying a word. She stares into space, undoubtedly finding some insane way to blame all this on Bridget, too.

Park Ave. Bridget-as-Shiv has invited Guyliner over. When he arrives, she reintroduces him to Juliet and introduces him to Catherine, who is staying with them. Yikes! Catherine suggests that she and Juliet go to her room to give Bridget-as-Shiv some privacy. Juliet grabs Catherine's medication. Catherine is sheepish as she tries to laugh them off by saying they could tranquilize a horse. Before Juliet follows her mother, Bridget grabs her and asks if she's okay. Juliet says Catherine is following doctor's orders and asks if she's crazy to think she might be getting better. Bridget tells her she's not one bit crazy.

Audience: No, she's a hundred bits wrong, though.

Once they're alone, Guyliner tells "Mrs. Martin" she's a good mother and a good wife to let her husband's ex stay with them. Bridget says it's only for a few days and writes it off as a long story. He shows her a photocopy of the "original" picture of Shiv and Andrew in Paris -- the one from which Shiv's was cut out. Bridget flashes back to shooting the hit man and finding the picture of Siobhan. Back in the present, she tells Guyliner the photo is from their Christmas card a few years ago, and that the missing half is "me." Guyliner guesses whoever wanted her dead gave the photo to Remy Ostermann, who contracted out the hit. But wait, there's more. He takes out his phone and brings up a picture of Deadcicle -- the frozen corpse he found at Barton's. Bridget makes sure Guyliner is on her side, then confirms she knows Deadcicle because she killed him.

Gramercy Park. Henry is packing up the invis-twins' toys when Shiv tries to get him to talk to her. He's not exactly in the mood. His life is ruined and it all started when he got mixed up with her. He's made bad choices. No duh. He killed a man and can't take that back. Double no duh.

Henry: Hell, I'm so crazy in love with you, I tried to help you set up your own sister -- to die.

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