If You're Just An Evil Bitch Then Get Over It

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Tea for Two

Audience: Yes, because you're a Tool Belt.

Henry: You told me you were done with all this. That's obviously not the truth, so tell me, where the hell does this end?

Shiv: Let's just end it now. I mean, we have Andrew's money. I'll go anywhere you want. I don't care about revenge if I lose you.

Henry: No. It's too late. I'm not going to leave my boys. And don't try to fix anything else because every time you do, things just get worse.

Back at Park Ave., Guyliner tells Bridget-as-Shiv that "this" changes things. He wants the whole story from the beginning. Deadcicle is the guy who tried to kill her, not Rex Barton. She didn't tell Guyliner because she killed Deadcicle in self-defense. She hid the body until she could figure out what to do, but when she went back, the body was gone. Rex Barton took the body, which is why she didn't go to the police. He was holding it over her. That makes no sense, I know, but there are only two episodes after this one, so let's just go with it, Gentle Readers. Okay?

Guyliner needs answers. The FBI will get a warrant and the bullet in Deadcicle is going to trace back to her. Bridget lies, or well, I guess she truths when she says it will trace to Bridget, who "gave" her the gun. She then says she gave it to someone she thought she could trust to get rid of it -- NA Charlie/John Delario. Guyliner says that's how John got the gun he used to kill Gemma. Guyliner puts together the pieces. When Deadcicle went missing, Ostermann got Barton to clean up the mess, but Barton couldn't because Bridget had Deadcicle's phone. She used it as an insurance policy so Barton wouldn't kill her, which also makes no sense because if he just killed her, he could get the damned phone, right? Right. Yes, I know. Only two more episodes after this one. I'll stop.

Guyliner asks why Barton would want the phone, since anything in it would just trace back to Deadcicle. Bridget nods to encourage him to use his fricking brain. As his inner Richard Alpert weeps, Guyliner adds maybe it could be used to trace back to the person who ordered the hit. Bridget tells him the phone was stolen just before Andrew got shot. Guyliner says whoever stole it must have had access to the Martins' home, which means Barton probably didn't take it; the person who hired him did. Bridget says that brings them back to the original question -- who wants to kill her? Guyliner says he had the cut up photo dusted for prints. He says it's a long shot, but if the person who ordered the hits touched it, there's a chance they can find out who wants her dead. Catherine, who is listening behind the corner, gasps us into commercial.

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