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Can We Rest Now, Buffy? Can We Rest?

Greer's Apartment. Bridget arrives. Greer tells her she can stay as long as she likes, and then asks her daughter London to come with her so that Juliet and Bridget can have some privacy. Juliet asks "Siobhan" how she could do this. She thought Andrew and Shiv were happy, and that the three of them were becoming a real family. Bridget says they are a real family. She didn't have an affair. Juliet asks why Arbogast would say so, then. Bridget says, "Because I'm not who he thinks I am."

Gramercy Park. Henry answers the door. It's Andrew, who knocks him to the ground with one punch to the kisser. Andrew smiles as he shakes of the pain in his hand. "I've been wanting to do that since the day I met you." Oh, me too! Andrew leaves and we cut back to...

Greer's. Juliet now knows the whole identity-swap story. Bridget asks her to say something. Juliet: "I knew you were too good to be true, Bridget." Bridget tries to speak, but Juliet gives her a ration about how Catherine might be awful, but at least there's a reason -- she's sick. "What's your excuse?" Bridget gives us a Buffy boo-boo face and breaks my heart.

Park Ave. lobby. Andrew gives Juliet a pep talk about how it's, "You and me against the world." My mother used to sing that song to me when I was little. Hi, mum! Anyhow, the Martins head off to the Hamptons. As soon as they're out of the building, Shiv slithers in. Up in the apartment, she starts stealing all of... her jewelry, so I guess it's not stealing. She's wearing the weirdest, shiny black leather gloves. They might even be rubber.

Lobby. One by one, the feeds from the security cameras turn to snow. The doorman pounds on his computer like you do. We cut back to the apartment. Shiv hears a noise and calls out, "Hello? Andrew?" When there's no answer, she goes back to robbing herself blind. Macawi comes up behind her, grabs her by the throat and says, "Hello, Bridget." In a lovely callback to the pilot, Shiv says, "You have the wrong girl." Commercial.

Shiv insists she isn't Bridget as she tries to break free from Macawi's grasp. She manages to get away, but when she gets to the elevator, she sees the call button has been pulled off the wall. The stairway must be back near where Macawi is, because Shiv runs out onto the balcony. Meanwhile, Bridget enters the building. She's on the phone with Solomon, explaining that she just wants to see Juliet, when she finds the doorman, dead as a... doornail. (Sorry.) Bridget tells Solomon to call 9-1-1. "Bodaway's here." She hangs up and runs to the elevator. When pressing the call button does nothing, Bridget runs up the stairs. I've seen people mocking her for running toward Bodaway when she's been running from him since September, but Bridget thinks Andrew and Juliet are in that apartment. She does love them. She can't leave them to face her worst nightmare alone.

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