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Can We Rest Now, Buffy? Can We Rest?

Park Ave. Solomon is there when the cops leave. He's very nice with his told-you-so about the gun. The ginormous ego portrait is on the floor, propped up against the wall. It's mostly covered by a tarp, but one eye peeks at us. Hee. Anyhow, Solomon has something to show Bridget. It's surveillance footage from the marina. The time stamp on it reads "4:16:45 P.M. 09/09/11." Solomon exposits that John Delario rented a boat at the same marina Shiv used. Bridget notes that's the same day Siobhan died. Solomon says, "That's not all." We then see a shot of Shiv with Delario. They're getting into his car. The time stamp reads "4:17:03 P.M.," now. Bridget says, "4:17. That's three hours after my sister drowned. Siobhan's alive?"

Gramercy Park. Henry answers the door. "Siobhan, what? It's 3:00 A.M." Bridget walks past him and into the house. And it's definitely Bridget. There's been a lot of discussion about this in the show thread. Some people thought this was Shiv making good on her vow to get back her old life, but it's not. Her face is not at all cut (and no, no hair is covering up the spots where Shiv's face was cut). Besides, I can see Bridget's white blouse peeking out from under her coat. Also, I think they've been padding post-partum Shiv so that she looks a little thicker than Bridget. This is definitely Bridget and that's what she says. "It's Bridget, but you know that already, don't you?" Henry admits he does. Bridget says, "Where is she?" Henry says he doesn't know. He kicked her out earlier. It's over between them. Bridget can't believe Shiv was here in New York. "That's who Bodaway attacked in the apartment."

Henry asks Bridget what she's talking about, but it's Bridget's turn to get some answers, so she'll ask the questions, thank you very much. "Why did she lie to me? Why did she want me to think that she killed herself?" Henry rubs his eyebrow and sighs. "Because she knew that someone was trying to kill her. And she wanted you to take her place for what you did to Sean." The camera zooms in on Bridget's face -- the same Face she shares with her sister. "Siobhan wanted me dead?" Grr. Argh.

I already went on about my disappointment that Bridget didn't get to see Shiv live and in person in this finale. This weecap is longer than some full recaps. I'm out of time, and I'm out of optimism. I'm not totally out of delusions, though, so I hope to see you back here, in September. Thanks for being a great audience. And a special thanks to the posters in our show thread, for totally getting it. Please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us in the show thread, where Ioan Gruffudd is waiting at the altar.

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