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Can We Rest Now, Buffy? Can We Rest?

Later, there's more kissing and scrunchy-nosed smiling from SMG, which kills me dead. How cute is she? Greer congratulates the happy couple, as does Henry "Tool Belt" Butler. Bridget's smile unscrunches and then disappears because she spots Bodaway Macawi glaring at her from the other side of the ballroom. As he approaches, Bridget wakes with a start. She looks at Andrew lying next to her. We cut to...

NA Meeting. Bridget is getting her one year chip. People in the show thread point out that she was just drugged last week and wonder if she should really be getting that chip. I don't know what NA would say, but I say yes. She didn't take drugs. She was drugged. If/since that didn't cause her to start using again, well then go Bridget! Her voice is sad as she acknowledges her sponsor, Malcolm, deserves the credit for her sobriety. Bridget tells the group that life is good and she's renewing her vows in less than a week. She goes on about her "family" and says that before the renewal, she has to tell them her secret. Another NA member reminds Bridget that when you come clean, you stay clean. Bridget nods and says that tonight she's telling her family who she really is. Woo hoo! She's finally going to admit she's Buffy Summers, and has been working undercover to slay all the vampires in Manhattan. Title card.

In the car, Solomon points out to Bridget that while it's great she wants to be honest, she's finally safe as Siobhan. Bridget says she can't walk down the aisle without telling Andrew the truth. Solomon asks if she thinks there will be an aisle to walk down once she tells Andrew her true identity. Bridget doesn't know.

Martin/Charles Financial. Andrew is signing his company over to Tim Arbogast. Let's just ignore the fact that Olivia probably owns some of it and pretend he got her share after last week's Catherine craziness. Bridget comes in. Tim thinks she's Siobhan, so he hates her guts because he thinks she was sleeping with his son-in-law. Bridget is too lovestruck by Andrew to notice the loathing oozing from Arbogast's pores. She just stopped by to make sure Andrew will be home for dinner tonight. She's going to cook. Tim smarms that that's sweet. Andrew brags that they're renewing their vows. Arbogast flashes back to...

Whenever that was. Tim tells Tool Belt he knows he cheated on Gemma. He vows to destroy him. He'll make Tool Belt and Siobhan pay for what they did. Back in the present, Tim exchanges fake pleasantries and leaves the happy couple alone. Andrew gruffs that Bridget-as-Shiv should refer to Tim as Mr. Arbogast because he's the boss now. There's exposition about selling the company and saving the investors from ruin and Andrew from jail. Bridget sits on Andrews lap and says, "No offense but, I don't think you would fare too well in jail. Besides, I couldn't stand to be away from you for that long. Conjugal visits would not cut it." Andrew says he's grateful for a second chance, even though he feels undeserving. Bridget says everyone deserves a second chance. Every word between them has a double meaning and it's making me a little misty. Poor lovesick babies.

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