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Can We Rest Now, Buffy? Can We Rest?

Before Bridget can begin her confession, Andrew says he has something he wants to share too, and asks if he can go first. He's been working on his vows. He found a poem, "The Marriage Song." He reads an excerpt about how "her beauty shames the day-star..." blah blah blah love cakes. For the rest of their lives, he promises to find her in every poem, every work of art, in every love song. He gets even more romantic, and then says he can't get over how she stuck by him, through everything. She makes him a better man, and he just wants to be the husband she deserves. When Andrew tells her it's her turn, a teary eyed Bridget says, "After that, it can wait."

Seedy motel. Officer Jimmy is packing up his stacks of cash. When he opens the door, who should be on the other side but Bodaway Macawi? Macawi had Jimmy followed, because he didn't think he could be trusted. He figures the bag full of cash confirms that. Jimmy tries to B.S. his way out of trouble, and then adds he found Bridget. She's living the high life on Park Ave, going by the name Siobhan... His words are cut off when Macawi drives an enormous hunting knife into Jimmy's gut. Jimmy doesn't yell, or scream. He lets out the faintest grunt. I laugh so hard, I have to pause my TiVo. When I resume watching, Macawi finishes Jimmy's sentence. "...Martin." He whispers, "Yeah, yeah," as he gently lowers Jimmy to the floor. Finally removing the knife, Macawi says, "I'm one step ahead of you." He wipes the blade on Jimmy's pant leg, and then puts it back in his (Macawi's) jacket. And that's it for Officer Jimmy. Yes, on a show in which people get shot pointblank in the HEAD, Jimmy dies instantly from a knife wound to the gut. Show, it's stuff like this that makes me look bad for wanting you back. I mean, come on. If Macawi had then cut Jimmy's throat, I could buy this quick death (although I still can't buy how quiet it was). People make more noise when they stub their toes. Commercial.

Park Ave., day. Bridget and Solomon are having tea on the terrace. She's told him that Shiv and John were behind Jimmy encouraging her to go on the run. Bridget can't figure out why Shiv would pay someone to make Bridget run to her only to kill herself a few days later, but that's mostly because the script won't let her figure it out yet. The script won't let Solomon figure it out yet, either, but he did some digging and found out John and Shiv had a long lunch in the Hamptons on September 8th. Solomon is heading out to the Hamptons to see what else he can dig up. He gives Bridget Chekhov's gun for her own protection. She refuses at first, but Solomon insists she protect herself. The conversation turns. Bridget admits she hasn't yet told Andrew and Juliet the truth. "I was going to last night, and then Andrew read me his vows. That pedestal he puts me on... it's a long way to fall. But I know that you're right. This isn't a fantasy. It's real life. When I do tell them, it'll be over." Solomon asks what she's going to do. Bridget says, "I'm still going to tell them tonight." She will do it after their going-away party. "I want one last night of the fantasy." Sniff.

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