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What's With The Bangs, Buff?

Park Ave: Bridget does a web search on the Hotel Pivoine. The one in Boston is closed for renovations, but on the website, there's link to its sister hotel -- the Paris Pivoine. When Andrew arrives home, Bridget shuts the laptop and asks how things went at the police station. Andrew begs off the topic for now and says he wants to speak with Juliet. Bridget apologizes for decking Carpenter. She just felt protective. Andrew's expression softens. "Like a mother would. I'm not angry at you, Siobhan. I'm the one who failed her. I should have seen what was going on." Bridget reminds him Juliet was trying to keep it secret, but he reminds her he couldn't even see something was amiss. Bridget promises him they'll get through this as a family. Andrew's eyes are a million miles away as he holds Bridget in his arms.

Gramercy Park: Siobhan shows up at Tool Belt's house. She wearing the scarf she swiped from Park Ave. She apologizes for acting like a different person, and for yesterday, the day before and the last few months. "And Gemma. Henry, if I could change any of it -- take it back, I would. I miss you so much." Henry: "That's funny, because yesterday, you wanted nothing to do with me." Shiv is desperate as she tells him, "It wasn't supposed to be like this, but I'm going to fix it, I promise." Tool Belt says she's in charge, but she needs to choose him or Andrew. When she insists she loves him, Henry says, "Let's say that that's the truth, that you really love me -- then I want to know one thing, because it's not the same person who is standing in front of me right now. Tell me. Who the hell are you?" Nooooooo! If Tool Belt figures out what's going on first, I'm going to have to find him a new nickname.

I'll be back next week with coverage of episode 1-12. In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us in the show thread, but please don't steal our jewelry.

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