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What's With The Bangs, Buff?

When Jeffrey proposes ordering a bottle of wine, Bridget refuses, so Henry follows suit. The Sheridans seem surprised by the Martins teetotaling. Talk turns to the couples' children. Andrew mentions Juliet is now attending *GASP* public school -- Zachary Secor High. Greer says that her "Foundation" is doing a charity auction to benefit the school, because she has a Foundation, dahling. Greer is shocked that "Shiv" turns out to be an advocate of public schools. Bridget offers to help Greer with a fund-raising project. I'm already bored.

Gramercy Park: Henry (Tool Belt) welcomes Agent Victor Machado (Guyliner) into his home. Tool belt says that the NYPD has been less than helpful and are treating the case as closed. He knows NA Charlie/John shot and killed Gemma and then killed himself, so I guess Gemma is dead (although, you know the rules). He then adds, "But that's not everything. I mean there's more evidence. They found Bridget's fingerprints." I think he means the prints that Bridget planted on vase, but who can tell? Henry: "The gun that was used to kill Gemma was traced back to Bridget, so why aren't they looking for her?" Guyliner can't get into the details but assures Tool Belt he's doing everything he can to find Bridget. He speculates that perhaps Bridget needed money and kidnapping her sister's rich friend might have seemed easy. Tool Belt: "Siobhan. Of course. It all comes back to her." Oh Tool Belt -- right church, wrong pew.

Park Ave Pad: Andrew is pleased "Shiv" will be working on a fund-raiser with Greer, whom she usually avoids "like the plague." Bridget tries to prod Andrew for more information on Siobhan's history with Greer, but she doesn't get anything from him. After she says they should let the past stay in the past, Bridget asks Andrew if anything seems off with Juliet, but again, he knows nothing, because our wonderful Welshman has a case of the Him-Dims. As the couple climbs in bed, Bridget removes her boulder. Andrew teases that if she doesn't like the ring, she can exchange it. She laughs at him and says it just keeps sliding off, so she needs the band resized. "Then the fit will be as perfect as the rest of it." They smooch and we leave them their privacy.

Martin/Charles Financial, Morning: Siobhan is still in New York! She lets herself into Andrew's office and is trying to hack into his computer when Tyler Boytoy call her. Shiv is trying to explain her absence when she is surprised by Andrew's assistant, Claudine. She leaves Tyler hanging on the other end of the line as she rises to her feet. Shiv lies that she wants to throw a surprise party for Andrew, but can't get into his address book. She asks Claudine if she knows his password, but Claudine can't help. And while it makes sense Claudine wouldn't know Andrew's password, it makes no sense at all that she couldn't provide Siobhan with a list of Andrew's contacts. Since we all know Siobhan isn't there for the contacts anyhow, I guess the writers decided not to belabor the point.

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