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What's With The Bangs, Buff?

Bridget knocks on Juliet's door before she enters. When Juliet starts to apologize for ruining the party, Bridget tells her she doesn't care about that. She knows something is going on. "Please try and talk to me." When Juliet doesn't say anything, Bridget brings up Juliet's reaction the other day, when Mr. Carpenter's name came up. Juliet sits up. Her eyes are full of tears. Bridget: "Did something happen between you two?" Juliet presses her lips together and nods.

Cut back to the party. Buffy (no, it's not Bridget, it's Buffy, m'kay) strides over to Logan. "Carpenter?" When he turns to face her, she gives him a right hook to the face and he falls to the floor! And while I love me some Jason Dohring and some Logan Echolls (and so far, Carpenter is okay, although I don't yet know his game), I have been waiting years for some woman, particularly a tiny blonde, to deck him like that. Go Buffy! Commercial.

After the break, Logan rises to his feet and asks Bridget what her problem is. Bridget orders him out of her house and then, I am afraid, foreshadows his fate. "If you come near my step-daughter again, I will kill you." Now, don't get me wrong. I don't think Bridget is going to kill Logan, but that was an awfully public threat on a very twisty show. I will not be surprised if Logan bites it and Bridget-as-Shiv becomes the prime suspect.

Anyhow, Juliet is frozen as she looks on. When Logan spots her in the doorway, he says, "Juliet, what is she talking about?" Juliet looks around the room in horror. Bridget yells at Logan, "Get out, now." Andrew turns to his "wife": "What the hell is going on?"

Later, Andrew and Bridget enter Juliet's room. Juliet can't believe "Shiv" did "that" in front of all those people. Bridget apologizes profusely and says she was just so angry she couldn't see straight. Juliet: "No kidding. Just get out." When Bridget leaves Andrew alone with Juliet, she asks him to leave her alone, too. He hesitates as he walks out the door, closing it behind him.

East Hampton, Day: Agent Guyliner asks a waitress about NA Charlie/John. He shows her pictures of John and Bridget and asks if she remembers seeing them together, back in September. The waitress says, "They were in here once, but not in September. May." Guyliner says Bridget was back in Wyoming in May, and asks the waitress if she's sure. Waitress: "I'm positive. It was on my birthday. She was a bitch -- waved me down every two seconds and then stiffed me on the tip." When Guyliner asks if she remembers anything else, the waitress says, "The guy said her name once, and she shut him down quick. He called her something weird. I never heard it before." Ha. Guyliner: "Did he call her Siobhan?" The waitress's eyes light up. "That's it. What kind of a name is that?" Hee. (It's Irish for Joan.)

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