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Catherine doesn't want Andrew anywhere near the bedroom or the adjoining bath, and offers to get a tie for him. He refuses. He realizes she's trying to keep him out of his room. When he enters and hears the water running in the bath, he assumes Catherine was trying to sneak in a bath in their tub, even though she knows Shiv expressly forbid it. Catherine lies out an apology. Andrew says he won't tell, but reminds Catherine that she shouldn't abuse Siobhan's hospitality. Cattie fakes that Andrew is too good to her. All the while, the water is nearly over Bridget's head. Andrew makes sure Catherine understands that he's paying her a one-time courtesy. He's not interested in getting back with her or in siding with her against Shiv. It's then that he notices water pouring out from underneath the bathroom door.

Andrew rushes to the bathroom, pulls Bridget out of the tub, performs clumsy CPR and finally gets Bridget breathing again. As far as we know, a new slayer will not be called. The water continues to spill out of the tub. Catherine pulls a gun on Andrew and Bridget. "Oh Andrew, I really wish you hadn't done that." Commercial.

Gramercy Park. Henry "Tool Belt" Butler is on the phone with his attorney when Siobhan announces she's off to her OB appointment. After he ends the call, Tool Belt tells Shiv his petition for supervised visits with the invisi-twins has been denied. She looks truly sorry about this as she assures him it will all be over soon. She also says she hasn't done anything except believe in him. Henry tells her to keep it that way. He explains that other than Oksana's statement that she let him into Tyler's hotel room, there is no other evidence tying him to the murder -- at least not yet. Shiv points out people have been convicted on less. She doesn't want to leave their future to chance. Tool Belt warns her to let his lawyers do their job.

Park Ave. Andrew grumbles to Catherine that she's never going to get away with this. Catherine rants and raves about how Andrew screwed up her "suicide" scenario for Shiv's death. There's deals with boarding passes and it's a whole lot of confusing exposition, frankly. Bridget reminds Catherine to think about Juliet. This infuriates Catherine. She insists she's the only one who loves the child. Andrew tries to approach Catherine. She threatens him with the gun, then calls Juliet and tells her not to come home yet. She tells her to run more errands. Juliet is not thrilled about this because she had plans to meet Holland (whoever that is) for gelato. Still, it sounds like the girl will obey her mother.

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