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Guyliner's motel room. Guyliner gets a call from Torrence who reports the Martins are fine; Catherine is headed for Mexico; they've dispatched agents to all the airports. When Guyliner learns Cattie booked a seat for Andrew too, he asks when Catherine bought the tickets, but Torrence orders him to walk away. Resigned, Guyliner agrees and says he'll see Torrence in the morning.

Park Ave. Catherine and Olivia continue their big, emotional crazy phone call. Olivia tells Catherine to leave her out of this; she's on her own now. Catherine sobs that she thought they understood each other. We flashback to six weeks ago, when Andrew tossed Catherine out of Park Ave., after she burnt up Juliet's baby photos. That same night, Catherine shows up at Olivia's and says Andrew threw her out. She had nowhere else to go.

Olivia invites Catherine in. They drink wine and talk trash about Andrew and Shiv. Catherine's tired of being treated like a doormat by every guy she meets. Olivia gets it. Catherine says no man understands her like a woman can. Olivia admits she always had a crush on Catherine. The women laugh when Catherine acknowledges she always knew. They talk sweet for a few minutes. Catherine says, "Too bad I have never been into girls." Olivia strokes Catherine's hair, then leans in and kisses her.

Back in the present, Catherine weeps, "This is not how you treat someone you love." In the other room, Andrew's all, "Love?" Juliet: "Is mom saying she and Olivia were girlfriend-girlfriends?" Bridget stops the gossip and asks Juliet to pick up the cell phone, which is still under the chair. Juliet gets it and hands it off to Bridget, who dials Guyliner's number and just lets the phone ring. She stuffs the phone behind Andrew and her. Meanwhile, Olivia has hung up on Catherine and her drama.

Over at the hotel, Guyliner answers his phone. He can hear the conversation taking place back at...

Park Ave. Bridget tells Catherine to put down the gun. Andrew warns his ex-wife that someone is going to figure out they're being held against their own will in their own home. Guyliner charges out of his room. Bridget loudly tells Catherine that Olivia Charles cares about no one but herself. Catherine says she doesn't know what she's talking about. Andrew says he'd know Olivia's voice anywhere. They get Catherine to admit that she's putting Olivia up at her sister's rental property in Saddle Rock. Bridget tells Cattie that Olivia is manipulating her. Catherine says "Shiv" is a know-it-all, who doesn't know the first thing about her and Olivia. We flash back to...

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