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While Catherine's in the hallway leaving her pathetic message, Andrew grabs a rock (you know, I can't think of the right term, but the ones that are sliced open, polished and have crystals on the inside). [Note: Geode! Kinda like this guy. -- Rachel.] He tells Bridget and Juliet that they have to act, and now. They have no way of knowing if Guyliner heard the conversation. When Catherine ends her call, she returns to the living room to find Andrew on his feet. He tells her he wants to cut a deal and asks her to talk to him privately in another room. Catherine orders him to sit down. The phone rings. It's Olivia. She apologizes for her earlier reaction, insists she doesn't want Catherine to hurt herself. She loves her, and needs her to come directly to her. She tells Catherine to leave now. Catherine says she will, but she has something she has to do, first. "Remember what I promised you that night?" We flashback to...

Whenever it was that Olivia left town. She's on the phone in the back of her car, telling Catherine that Siobhan is going to blow the lid off of everything. Catherine says it will be fine. She promises Olivia she can take care of this. She has the hitman's cell phone, now. "Siobhan will be dead by tonight."

Present. Catherine tells Olivia she's going to kill Siobhan. Crying, Juliet rises and begs her mother to leave. Olivia tells Catherine that Juliet is right. The only choice is to run. Catherine says she can't, since the police are looking for her everywhere. Bridget offers herself up at hostage, so that Andrew and Juliet will be safe. Andrews orders Catherine to take him. She doesn't want him. She commands Juliet to cut Bridget-as-Shiv loose, then tells Olivia they're on their way. Olivia says, "See you soon," and hangs up. The camera zooms out to reveal Guyliner. Hooray! He tells Olivia she's doing the right thing. Tears roll down Olivia's cheeks as we go to commercial.

Hospital. Shiv is wheeled in for an emergency C-section. The OB won't let Henry follow. Poor Tool Belt must feel so inept.

Olivia's Hideaway. Olivia asks Guyliner why he's not just sending the Feds to Park Ave. He says 31 percent of all multiple hostage situations ends with at least one of the hostages being shot. That doubles when there's a juvenile involved, so he thinks doing it this way puts the odds back in his favor. Olivia thinks he doesn't know Catherine Martin very well. Um, yeah. She's batshit insane. You don't know her that well, either Vampiress. When Catherine arrives, Guyliner stays out of sight. Olivia opens the door. Catherine walks Bridget-as-Shiv up the path, threatening her all the way.

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