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I Knew It!

Olivia steps outside. "You made it." Catherine says she missed Olivia. Olivia: "Missed you too, honey." Bridget pushes Catherine off her and runs up the stairs. Guyliner pulls Olivia back in the door. Bridget rushes in. Catherine runs after her. Guyliner aims his gun at Catherine and yells, "FBI. Drop it." Catherine screams at Olivia: "I gave you everything." I think she shoots her gun, but Bridget knocks Cattie down. The gun falls. Bridget grabs it. Catherine runs out the back. Bridget follows her. She aims the gun at Catherine's back and tells her to stop. It's over. Catherine faces her. "You don't have it in you." I hear Giles tell Ben that Buffy couldn't kill him, because "she's not like us." Guyliner breaks my Buffy-reverie when he rushes out the door and tells Catherine that while Bridget-as-Shiv might not be able to shoot her, he sure can. Even though he's suspended, he apparently still carries cuffs with him. He's cuffing Catherine as we cut back to...

The hospital. Henry gets a text from his attorney, Barbara Bently. It reads, "Maid who let you into Tyler's room found dead. Heart failure." Later, he goes to Shiv's room. She wakes when he enters and gives him a weak, "Hi." He kisses her hello and tells her she did great. "The girls are so beautiful." Shiv looks worried. "The doctor said..." Henry interrupts. "They're gonna be okay. We're all gonna be okay. The maid, who was gonna testify -- she was found dead." Shiv gives great poker face, considering she just had emergency surgery. She lies, "No," and asks, "What happened?" Henry kisses her and tells her it's not important. The doctor pokes her head in the room and says, "Mr. Butler." Henry says he'll be right there. Before he leaves, Shiv tells him she loves him. Henry smiles and laughs. "I love you, too."

Out in the hall, the doctor asks why he wanted to see her. Henry says, "Uh yeah. I want a paternity test." Is that the smartest decision ever made on this show, or just Tool Belt's smartest decision?

Olivia's Hideaway. Guyliner is still cuffing Catherine. Bridget apologizes to him. She thought she could shoot Catherine, but she just couldn't do that to Juliet. Catherine's face is all Bitch Please, but Cattie, I'd say the proof is in the pudding and you remain unshot. Ya know? Guyliner tells Bridget-as-Shiv, "You've got nothing to apologize for. When you can kill someone and not care, that's when you've something to be sorry about." Catherine sneers. "You make me sick. What -- you really think you were a saint because you couldn't pull the trigger? You know what? You stole my husband. You turned my daughter against me. You even tried to sell my house out from under me. I mean -- whose life is so pathetic that they have to live someone else's?" Guyliner pulls her away, but not before the unintended truth of Catherine's rant hits Bridget in the gut. Grr. Argh.

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