It's Easy To Cry, When There's This Much Cash Involved

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In Paris, Tyler Boytoy takes out a business card. In part, it reads: "Everett Lanfair. Securities Exchange Commission." On it is a New York number and address. Tyler makes a call, introduces himself to Lanfair and reminds him he audited the firm a few months ago. "I have reason to believe there might be some less than scrupulous activity going on in my company."

Harlem Office. Bridget and Solomon enter. She's looking for clues as to who might want to kill her. She says she'll start with the desk and asks Solomon to start with the closet. He finds some dusty woman's footprints, and says the way they're positioned suggests someone was watching her.

Back at the bank, Shiv tells Henry that Arbogast is about to lose a lot of money. Henry's all, "Siobhan, what are you talking about?" Shiv uses the mystery key on the safety deposit box. She hands Tool Belt some ear buds. He puts one in his ear. Shiv presses a button. Tool Belt listens for a few seconds, then takes out the ear bud. "Oh my God." Fade to black. Grrr Argh.

I am flat out of time. I'll see you next week. In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us in the show thread, where someone is always watching you.

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