It's Easy To Cry, When There's This Much Cash Involved

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Recapper's Husband: You realize you're putting more thought into this than the writers, right? Don't you have an 8:00 AM deadline?

Recapper: Point taken and yep.

Recapper's Husband: Well it's 7:00 AM, and the kids don't even leave for another half-hour. Why the heck are you wasting time asking me questions like this? As soon as this show is over, I forget all about it. I'M A GUY!

Recapper: I always liked that about you.

Recapper's Husband: I don't think I've seen this episode all the way through yet. I keep falling asleep. It's like televised NyQuil.

Recapper: Right?

So anyhow, once Catherine and Bridget are alone, Catherine comes at Bridget for always trying to one up her. Bridget assures Catherine she's not trying to do that, and she's not working an angle. She does think, however, that Catherine is too hard on Juliet. She suggests Catherine and Juliet spend some time alone together, and says that when they went ice skating over the holidays Juliet seemed to like it. Catherine's expression softens as she remembers taking Juliet skating when she was little. Bridget promises to give mother and daughter some space. Catherine: "Siobhan, thanks for not being a bitch." Bridget gives a fake smile to this and walks off. I wonder how she is not getting the message that her sainted twin was a nasty piece of work. I mean, has anyone -- other than Tool Belt (and the poor, late, Gemma) -- not hated Shiv for one reason or another?

Sidebar: The ice skating mention was, to me, a better Buffy shout-out. Buffy (like Sarah Michelle Gellar herself) loved ice skating. Angel once hired out a rink, and took her. She loved going to ice shows, and was devastated when her father stood her up for their usual Ice Capades (or similar) date on one of her birthdays. Okay. It's 7:13 AM, now. No time for sentimental Buffy Stuffy.

Juliet seems to be composing herself, in a courthouse bathroom when Tessa Troublemaker enters and cries to Juliet she can't testify against Logan, because he never did anything to her. She was just lying to get revenge on him for siding with Juliet in their feud. When Tessa leaves, Juliet runs after her. Andrea then exits one of the stalls. She's overheard the whole thing. Commercial.

Park Ave. The attorney explains to Andrew and Catherine that once Tessa admitted she was going to lie on the stand, they had to drop the case, because it was a he said/she said situation once again. Carpenter's reputation is "sterling." (Yeah, Roger Sterling, maybe.) Juliet's? Not so much. The hybrid DA/Private Attorney then informs Andrew that Carpenter is suing him for defamation of character. No, I'm not going to try to figure this out. Andrew refuses to pay a cent. He wants to countersue. Catherine says Andrew should just settle, for Juliet's sake. Andrew says the suit is for millions of dollars. Catherine stands by her opinion and asks the Hybrid Lawyerly Person if the amount named isn't just a starting point. The Hybrid agrees it is. Catherine says they've screwed up Juliet's life enough. She's not wrong.

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