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Meanwhile, Bridget is riding around with Solomon. He mentions how shaken up she seemed yesterday. She confides that September 8th was the day before her sister killed herself. She was hoping that retracing her steps from that day might give her some insight. "My sister and I'd had a falling out, but I thought she'd forgiven me before she died. Turns out that I was wrong. That's why I called you. I need to finish what I started."

Solomon pulls the limo down an alleyway. He tells Bridget that the last time he drove her this this spot she "disappeared behind that door." Bridget enters. It's a shooting range. She asks the guy at the desk if he remembers her. He does, but says it's been a while. "You're a pretty good shot. For a girl." Slay him, Buffy. Slay him. She doesn't listen. Instead, she decides to try out the mystery key on some of the lockers.

Shiv's Room: She video-calls Tyler back. He's miffed that Tool Belt answered his call. Shiv handily lies that Henry is her brother and tells him he has to trust her. The cojones on this one, is what I'm sayin'... Tyler says he called because an IT guy has started asking questions about why Tyler is accessing confidential Martin/Charles documents. The people in the show thread wonder if this could be Malcolm. I hope so, because he so hardly matters to the story right now. Anyhow, Boytoy says if IT Guy noticed, others will too, so he's not so sure he can keep doing this. Shiv plays the baby card, because Bad Buffy has no shame.

Shooting Range: The mystery key doesn't work on any of the lockers, but when Bridget turns to leave, she notices a bunch of photos on the wall. Among them is one of NA Charlie/John. The plaque under his photo reads: "Marksman of the Month, John Delario. December 2009." Marksman of the month? Remember that time he shot Gemma? In the head? At point blank range? And missed? Yeah, well, apparently the show has forgotten. Anyhow, Bridget is freaked out. She takes a picture of his picture and runs outside, to show it to Solomon. She asks if she could have been coming to the shooting range to protect herself from John. Solomon says she used to meet John there. "He's your friend." She flashes back to meeting John at NA. "I didn't introduce myself. The name's Charlie. Been sober 4 years."

Back in the present, Bridget steps away to make a phone call. Bridget: "Are you there, God Malcolm's Voicemail? It's me, Margaret, Bridget." She leaves a message telling him that Shiv and John were friends. Since he introduced himself, that means he had to know Bridget was Bridget, not Shiv. It doesn't make any sense. "Oh my God. If John wasn't the killer, then does that mean there's someone still after me?" Malcolm's Voicemail: "You still don't get how voicemail works, do you?"

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