It's Easy To Cry, When There's This Much Cash Involved

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Hotel Room: Juliet is raiding the mini-bar and throws some candy to Tessa Troublemaker, and mocks her as "ghetto" for not knowing what marzipan is. There's a knock at the door. It's Mr. Carpenter. [That'll put marzipan in your pie plate, Bingo. --Buffy Bot]

Sidebar: I envy the people who were shocked by this twist. I wasn't shocked at all, neither am I particularly pleased. Okay, hey, I'm really glad Logan isn't forcing himself on teenaged girls. Clearly, though, his character is corrupt, and Jason Dohring, if he ever gets some decent screen time, will give us great rogue. I don't know. I'm nearly out of time, so let me sum it up.

Tessa, Juliet, and Carpenter set up this whole thing, to get some money out of Andrew. Okay, Tessa's poor and a trouble maker. Juliet lost her trust fund and is a trouble maker. Both characters are teenagers. I can see them going in for a plan like this. But Carpenter? He's an adult and a teacher. He let himself get drawn into a complicated plan, with two obviously unstable kids? This is hard to swallow. My tsk tsking mother agrees. Anyhow, we get a flashback to the courthouse. Juliet and Tessa wait until Andrea enters into the bathroom. Juliet follows -- then Tessa. They put on their performance about Tessa deciding not to testify, because she lied about Carpenter. In a flashback, we see Andrea after exiting the stall. She runs to Andrew with what she's just overheard.

Back in the present, Logan talks about them splitting the money three ways. But when he's a little playful with the drunken Tessa, the relatively sober Juliet is clearly displeased. Logan plays obtuse and reminds her she's getting back her trust fund money and encourages her to celebrate. This will not end well.

Back at Park Ave., Bridget can't find the mystery key, since Shiv stole it and all. Henry asks her if she's all right and mentions how distant she seemed earlier. This doesn't ping Bridget, even though it should, so she just apologizes and says she's been distracted. She lays a long, soft smooch on Andrew, and eases his mind.

At a bank, Shiv takes out a safety deposit box. Tool Belt is with her and she tells him she's going to have to return to Paris, because Bridget is getting too close to the truth. "I'm going to have to get that information from Tyler." Tool Belt says he's going with her, but Shiv insists he's got to stay and keep an eye on Bridget. Changing the subject, she asks how drinks went with his father-in-law. Tool Belt says they were good and then says, "I got him to invest in Martin/Charles." Shiv: "You did what?" Tool Belt: "What, even though you've already told me that you've got some sort of dirt on Andrew, how is this in any way a bad idea?" That might be a paraphrase. Tool Belt explains about the blackmail photo. Shiv: "You should have come to me, first."

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