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A Very Buffy Birthday

The necklaces cost $14.95 a piece, so when they realize can only afford one, Bridget is bummed. "But it's our birthday." Shiv agrees. "I know. We're supposed to have tons of presents and a crazy party." ...To accompany Shiv's overgrown sense of entitlement, I presume. Shiv: "I hate being poor. When I get older, I'm going to have everything I want." Note, they in no way look "poor" -- just not wealthy. Bridget: "I just want that." This whole scene gives a handy bit of characterization. Shiv proposes they buy and share it, which I'm taking as intentionally nuanced. From the rest of the conversation, it's clear that even then, Shiv was the greedier of the two girls, but once upon a time, her greed had no effect on her desire to please her sister.

At any rate, Shiv's idea is this: Bridget can wear it for the first year. Next year on their birthday, it will be Shiv's turn, and they can trade off like that each birthday. Bridget sounds excited. "Like forever?" Some people in the show thread questioned whether siblings that age would ever think up or be able to abide by such a plan. From this only child's observation, twins are different from ordinary siblings -- particularly identical twins. My dad was an identical. Once, when they were quite little, my uncle got hit by a car and broke his arm. Dad was so upset -- yelled so loud -- that the ambulance took him to the hospital, by mistake.

Hamptons Hat Shop: Agent Guyliner approaches Gemma, shows her a picture of Bridget and says he has a few questions. Gemma: "About Siobhan Martin?" Guyliner: "No, about Bridget Kelly. Siobhan Martin's twin sister." Gemma's look either says, "WTF do you mean twin sister," or possibly, "You know, it looks like you're wearing eyeliner, but the crazy Lost fans seems to have proved, years ago, that you have ridiculously lush, thick, black eyelashes. Why is it always the men with the good lashes? Damn it." Commercial.

Beach House: Gemma returns to find Bridget reading trashy magazines. Bridget babbles about how the boys are out golfing and that allegedly, Angelina Jolie used to let her kids eat crickets. I have no time to Google that, so I'm choosing to believe it, because it pleases me. Bridget explains that she and her sister are no longer in each other's lives, because of a series of bad choices that Bridget made -- choices of which she's ashamed. Bridget confesses she never told Andrew. She knows she needs to, but she's not ready. Gemma swears he'll never hear it from her. Anyhow, Bridget goes on about how she wishes she could have saved her sister, and we know what she means. "Just when I thought I had her back, she was gone." Gemma: "God, Siobhan. I never would have guessed. All these years you were always so excited about your birthday. It must have been eating you up -- not being able to share it with your sister." Bridget: "It was our special day. I miss her." Oh Bridget, do you not hear what Gemma is really telling you about your evil twin?! We flashback to...

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