It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It

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A Very Buffy Birthday

Cop Shop: A detective has found a citation from the local marina. Someone took out the Martin's boat on September 9th and the returned it to the wrong slip. Agent Guyliner paid even less attention than I did, to the timeline he gave less than 40 minutes ago -- so asks what that has to do with Bridget Kelly. The detective reminds Guyliner that it fits in with the time Bridget was there. No one at the marina remembers seeing either Shiv or Bridget. He checked other sources, including Coast Guard radio traffic for that day and found a recording of the distress call that Bridget placed when she woke up and assumed Shiv drowned. So wait. That call went through to the Coast Guard, and they were -- what -- eating lunch? I want to apologize to the fine men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard. Just because I'm enjoying the hell out of this show does not mean I believe it. Semper Paratus!

Beach House, Evening: It's the birthday party and mound of presents Shiv always dreamed of, but was too mean to get. Enjoy it, Bridget. Enjoy the personal chef, too! Oh, and enjoy that meat you're eating, but swallow it down quickly, because now you have to come up with yet another cover story, because Shiv has been a vegetarian for the past three years. Bridget deftly writes it off to pregnancy cravings, which causes Andrew lay a spontaneous smoochie on her, and Henry to drink deeply of his sparkling cider, forgetting that just a moment ago, he learned it wasn't alcohol.

Andrew's kiss and birthday wish leave Bridget all emotional. She flashes back to the memory of her and Shiv deciding to buy the birthday necklace. She then excuses herself. Alone, she pulls out her letter from Shiv, in which Shiv thanks her for the necklace. "Seeing it makes me realize how much I miss you. I know it's not our birthday, but I wanted to return it. I hope you'll wear it when you come see me." Bridget fights off the tears, puts on the necklace and whispers, "Happy Birthday, sis."

Henry finds Bridget and comments that she's wearing the necklace. The tears are spilling prettily when Bridget turns to face him. She's surprised she told him about the necklace. Henry's surprised she forget telling him. "You were pretty upset." Bridget: "I guess it's...hard...thinking about...her." Henry then makes it clear that he only knows it's about a nameless friend. "Does this mean that you guys made up?" Bridget just tries to get past him. He blocks her though, and apologizes for the night before, saying he was drunk and angry. He then goes on to tell her that he used to marvel at how good she was at faking it with Andrew, but he knew she was, because she had a special look just for him (Henry). Tonight, when he saw Shiv giving Andrew that look, he realized that he'd get to say the episode title. "I do love you. And if walking away is what you want to be happy, then, I know it's going to kill me, but I'll do it." Bridget says it's what she wants. Henry understands, but he does insist he's responsible for her pregnancy. Bridget begs him to trust her and have the patience to help her figure this out. This time, someone IS eavesdropping right outside the door. It is Gemma, who gives great betrayal face. Booyah! Commercial.

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