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The Wire

Bridget wants to move Malcolm to a safer motel. He's pretty disgusted with her though, and just tells her to just go. She hands him some money and asks if he's okay. He tells her he just traveled 2,000 miles after getting his ass handed to him. "Cut me some slack, okay?" Then he gives her her six month sobriety chip, which seems like a continuity error, since in last week's episode, "Oh Gawd There's Two Of Them" we saw a flashback labeled "Nine months ago," and in it, Mal and Bridget where having their cake and um...eating it too, in celebration of her first three months of sobriety. Did she fall off the wagon after that, or did the writers? At any rate, Malcolm wants her to have it, so she won't forget who she is. Bridget walks out, and then does that stupid thing where she stares at the closed door for a moment from the other side. Title Card.

Park Ave.: Bridget looks in the mirror. I always like to think of these mirror scenes as her channeling her inner Shiv, but this time she then looks down at the sobriety chip and flashes back to her first NA Meeting. Machado was watching her in the meeting, from the doorway. Bridget looks for all the world like Cave Slayer, here. Just remember, Bridget: Fire? Bad. Beer? Foamy.

Back in the present: Andrew's waiting outside the bathroom when Bridget exits. He's taken the day off so he can spend time with her, but she lies that she has a follow-up doctor's appointment. When Andrew says he'll go with her, Bridget says she'd rather go alone. Andrew says they should be together at a time like this, but Bridget says she feels the need to do it by herself. Andrew looks wounded.

School: Mr. "Logan Echolls" Carpenter is teaching a lesson on Of Mice and Men. When Juliet offers a correct answer, Tessa Toughbitch gives her a hard time. Juliet gives it right back, though. After calls, Juliet asks Logan if he can do something about Tessa -- something more than "a talking to." There are no flies on Logan, so he keeps his end of the conversation curt and professional. Juliet tries to play on his sympathy, telling him about how her father pulled her trust fund 'til she's 25, and about her step-mother's miscarriage. Logan reminds her she can talk to someone in the guidance office, if need be. Juliet tilts her head. "What if I want to talk to you?" When Logan doesn't answer, she tells him there's a revival theater in the Village that's showing Of Mice and Men that weekend. Logan: "I have the DVD." Juliet: "Maybe I can come over and watch it sometime?" Logan: "You're going to be late for your first class." So far, Logan, you get an A for effort, in sex scandal avoidance. I can't even make myself link to the current, real world school sex scandal, because it makes me cry. [Someone with a soul did this? --Buffy]

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