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The Wire

Martin/Charles Financial: Andrew tells Olivia that he has fired the head of European Operations for losing transfer documents with Andrew's signature on them. "He's blaming it on his subordinates, but I think he's lying." Oh but Andrew, he is so not lying! He also confides in Olivia that Siobhan miscarried. Olivia gives great poker face, and tells Andrew he should go home and be with his wife. Andrew: "I offered, but she wasn't interested. I guess she's dealing with it in her own way." They talk some more and when Andrew confesses he'd warmed up to the idea of having a baby, Olivia asks if they can try again. Andrew: "That's a very good question."

Motor Inn: Malcolm hustles into his room, takes his drugs and works out of a brown paper bag, and shoots up. If only Sarah McLachlan's "In the Arms of the Angels," were playing.

Park Ave.: Juliet answers the phone. It's Henry "Tool Belt" Butler, looking for Shiv. When Juliet says Shiv has a doctor's appointment, Tool Belt nods and mutters something about it being her first ultrasound. Juliet: "Oh, I guess you didn't hear. Siobhan lost the baby." I can't even feel bad for Tool Belt here, can you?

Outdoor Cafe: Bridget meets with NA Charlie: While he catches her up on (some of) what he found in Gemma's car, she tunes him out and we flashback to...

Seven Months Ago, Rock Springs, Wyoming: Malcolm asks Bridget how long she's been clean. Bridget snickers. "What time is it?" Malcolm says all that matters is that she's there. When Bridget says she's only there because she has to be, Malcolm asks her what her poison was and says, "Mine was heroin." Bridget replies, "Crushing and snorting," and I'm sorry I'm lacking in druggie-ese, so I'm just going to assume heroin may have been her poison too, because when Malcolm deems that, "Creative," Bridget replies that she doesn't like needles. Malcolm more or less offers to be her sponsor before we return to the...

Outdoor Cafe, Present Day: NA Charlie knows Bridget spaced out on him so he calls her on it. She tells him her old sponsor is town. Charlie flirts it up, like she's trying to break up with him. Bridget promises that's not going to happen. She's just stressed because having Malcolm in town could complicate things. Besides all the Gemma intrigue, she and her husband have been "going through some stuff." Way to underplay it. Charlie reminds her to just be honest and gives her some more NA slogans.

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