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The Wire

Park Ave., Next Morning: Bridget asks Andrew for a lunch late later in the day. Andrew keeps his nose in the newspaper. "Do you mind? I'm reading." Bridget asks him what's wrong. Andrew says he's just doing what she wants, going back to the way things were. Bridget: "When did I say that?" Andrew: "To Juliet, last night. I heard you two talking." Bridget: "We really need to get some doors in this place." She explains she just wants to get back to normal, like it was, "...before Gemma. Before my sister. Trust me, that last thing that I want is to be playing games." Andrew doesn't believe her, because she blew him off yesterday morning, and he heard her tell Juliet she doesn't want to try for another baby. Bridget: "Because I thought it was too soon." Andrew: "Siobhan, we talked about it. This baby changed things, and without it, I just don't know where we stand." When she gets a call from Malcolm, Andrew tells her to take it, as he's leaving for work. Bridget asks if they can talk later. Andrew says he has a business dinner, and he knows how much she hates those things. Bridget says she doesn't. She just wants them to spend time together. Andrew: "Well, you've got a very funny way of showing it." Oh, his boo boo kitty feelings are all hurt.

Finally alone, Bridget takes Malcolm's call. He's still at the cop shop and looks like he's hurting. He says he needs to see her. Bridget tells him to meet her at a nearby coffee shop. She gets in the elevator and her phone rings again. It's Machado. He tells her Malcolm is in New York. Bridget wisely admits that she already knows, and that she's on her way out to meet Mal. Guyliner confronts her in her building lobby and persuades her to wear a wire (only after threatening to tell Andrew about her affair with Tool Belt).

Cafe: Malcolm is a mess when Bridget shows up, pretending to be Shiv, which confuses the hell out of drug-addled Mal. Guyliner and a detective are parked in a nearby van, monitoring video and audio feeds of the little sting. Bridget accidentally on purpose spills her coffee on her pants She excuses herself but soon returns. A waiter comes over and opens a menu in front of Mal. Clipped to it is a note which reads:

I'm Wearing a Wire
Machado's Listening
And Watching

I love your Winnie the Pooh capitalization, but sheeesh, B, that was dumb. I mean, it is smart to tip off Malcolm, because he'd be confused by you pretending to be Shiv while talking to him, even if he wasn't back on the junk, but you just let a random waiter in on the fact that you're wearing a wire and tipping off your target. Couldn't you have stuffed the note in your purse and opened it and let Malcolm see it, that way? Whatever. Now that he understands, Malcolm can play along. He's says he's in the dark about Bridget and was hoping Shiv could fill him in.

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