Oh Gawd, There's Two Of Them

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The Who Whatting How With Huh?

Park Ave, Night: Andrew finds Bridget-as-Shiv on the balcony, and gives her a guilt trip about her failure to tell him about her twin. When he asks who Malcolm Ward is, B says he's her sister's NA sponsor and we flash back to...

Nine Months Ago, Rock Springs, Wyoming: Malcolm brings Bridget a cake to mark her three months of sobriety. They talk about her recovery and it's clear Bridget is attached to him. When she kisses him, he at first resists and tells her they can't. Well, why not? I mean, I get it. He's her sponsor. But? So get another sponsor, silly. When she looks up at him, he reconsiders. It's not long before they're making out. Sarah Michelle Gellar really hit the pretty-men jackpot with this series, didn't she? I mean even Tool Belt is good looking.

Park Ave Balcony: Andrew now understands why "Shiv" knows how to deal with Juliet's drug abuse. He asks some questions about Bridget and then admits he did some research, and he read it on the Internet, so it must be true. He knows Bridget witnessed a friend being strangled at a strip club, was going to testify, but ran, instead. Since she was messed up with such bad people, he is worried for their safety and for Juliet's. He's also all sneery about Shiv's sister being an addict and a prostitute. B cries as she says it doesn't matter. Her sister has left the country and she can't hurt them anymore. Andrew: "That doesn't forgive the fact that you weren't honest with me. What about our...uh...promise? No more secrets." When Bridget replies that she told him the truth, Andrew says, "Only because you had to." Andrew excuses himself to call Juliet. "I'm starting to regret letting her go away for the weekend." Well, duh, sweetness. You had plenty of reason to regret that choice, even before you knew about Macawi and co. Whether she's trying to clean up her act or not, that child already should have been grounded until her 30th birthday.

Once Bridget is alone, we flashback to her and Malcolm. They're putting their clothes on. My assumption is they had sex, but we never see it, so with this show, who knows. Bridget tells him, "Just say it." Malcolm says, "Say what?" Bridget: "It was a mistake." He nods as he agrees, and then he chuckles. "You know how I feel about you, right." And I keep trying to write up this scene, but he's got his shirt off, and my word he's beautiful. He says something about them having crossed a line. But which line, Malcolm? Which one? He also promises Bridget he'll always be there for her. "No matter what." The first time I watched, I was sure they had sex. Now I'm more thinking the writers are trying to trick us into thinking they had sex. I want to go looking for spoilers. Shoot. I've been clean a long time. I should call my Spoiler Addicts Anonymous sponsor.

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