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That'll Put Marzipan In Your Pie Plate, Bingo!

Paris, day. Siobhan Martin sits in front of a window and next to a mirror as she answers her phone. A man's voice says, "Siobhan, we have a problem." Siobhan hangs up and looks at her reflection in the mirror, because THIS IS A THEME, and what else is there to do in Paris? Fade to black.

Okay, my back is insisting that I stop sitting at my desk and go lay down and it's the boss these days, so I'm not going to go on too much here or speculate, except to note that I overstated my case in the recaplet. I don't necessarily think Siobhan set Bridget up to be killed (although it is possible) in the sense that she ordered a hit on her sister. I just think that she knew someone was after her and didn't care if they killed Bridget while thinking they were killing Siobhan. But only time will tell how evil twin our evil twin is going to be. I am curious about Sean. He must have been Siobhan's son, right? Was Bridget high when he was left in her care or did she turn to drugs after she failed to keep him safe? I want to know these things, which I think means the pilot did its job. I've read some scathing reviews (and a couple of raves). I'm seldom big on pilots. I think it takes a show time to find its feet. But I'd watch again next week, even if I wasn't getting paid to. I hope they work out some of the rough spots, more clearly define Siobhan and Bridget, and give SMG some light material to work with as well as all the angst. It's good to see her pretty face on my TV again, and the male eye candy on this show doesn't hurt, either. What did you think? Please grade the episode at the top of the page and then let us know in in the show thread, where we've got some stakes and holy water stashed, just in case.

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