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So, it turns out that the person having an affair with Siobhan's best friend's husband is no other than Siobhan herself. He chides her for not showing up at the hotel for their... well, to have sex. Bridget just wants to get away from him before Andrew sees them together. Henry won't let her go until she agrees to meet him at the Dandridge Hotel, Thursday at noon. Henry's an ass. Henry is also the one who seems to most notice the difference between Bridget and Siobhan, other than their weight.

Back home, Bridget asks for help unhooking the clasp of her dress and tries to talk to Andrew, but he remains aloof. She finally asks if they're "cool." Andrew sneers at her. "What are we, twelve?" He also makes it clear they're not cool, but it's her game and he's just trying to play by the rules. Bridget asks if maybe they can't stop playing games, and be happy the way they were at the gala. Andrew glares at her. "Who are you?" Bridget wide-eyes as she asks him what he means. Andrew says she's just so different, relaxed, and agreeable. Bridget: "And you don't like it?" Andrew: "No. I LOVE it. I just don't believe it." He walks off and leaves her alone.

Alone, in front of yet another mirror, Bridget sits at Siobhan's vanity and pokes around her jewelry box. In it, she finds a picture of Siobhan and a little blond toddler boy. On the back is written: "Siobhan + Sean, 2005." Bridget tears up as she whispers, "Mistakes aren't tragedies, but please, Higher Power..."

Brooklyn, day. Bridget is at an NA meeting and the group helps her finish the chant she began the night before: "...Help me learn from them." I am not overwhelmed by this pilot, but I want to give credit where credit is due. It's a really nice touch to have Bridget take time out of her very busy, sister-assuming life to haul ass to Brooklyn for a Twelve Step Meeting. I mean that. It's a nice bit of characterization to have this early on in the series. Girlfriend is serious about her recovery, even in the midst of her terrible decision to pretend she's Siobhan. It makes Bridget more sympathetic to me. At the meeting, a tearful Bridget confesses that every time she cleans up a mess, she ends up dirty. Another woman reminds Bridget that it's important to take responsibility for her actions. Um, isn't that exactly what she is not doing at all, right now? Whatever. Bridget says, "In all this, I lost someone who meant everything to me. I just got her back. Now she's gone. Maybe once things settle down, I can go back to my old life -- be normal again."

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