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Sex, Lies and Videotape

This time, the bling is a Ring Pop and only slightly larger than the boulder Andrew gave Bridget for his sixth anniversary with Siobhan. He's trying to recreate a specific scenario. "A couple of months ago, you said it was one of your most romantic memories. Seventh grade -- you and Timmy McPenkow sneaking into a midnight screening of Summer Camp Slasher and he gave you..." Bridget smiles, "A candy ring." Andrew says, "It's getting harder to find ways to impress you, so I thought I'd recycle one from your past." Bridget looks sheepish. "I have a confession to make. That wasn't me. It was my sister's story. I know it's stupid. I was so envious, I pretended it was me."

Audience: So wait, whose story was it? That is, did Shiv tell Andrew that story and Bridget is trying to carve out a little of her own identity, or did Bridget tell Andrew Shiv's story as though it were her own? Or did Bridget tell Andrew her own story and now she's trying to keep her past straight from Shiv's?

Bridget: Don't ask me. I barely know which way is up these days.

Andrew: The point is, I'm proposing. Siobhan, will you marry me? Again?

Audience, Recapper and Bridget: Yes!

When the couple announces to Juliet that they're renewing their vows, Bridget asks Juliet to be her Maid of Honor. Um, she isn't really up to any aspect of that honorific, B. How about Person of Interest? Juliet is charmed despite herself. "Old people are weird, but you're also really cute." Later, Bridget does some wedding shopping, but she's having "I've Gotta Be Me" feelings when the bridal consultant tries to recreate Shiv's look from the Martins' first wedding.

Bridget: I'm not the same woman who married Andrew six years ago. If I'm going to marry him again, he has to know that.

Audience: Well, yeah. Also that gown couldn't look worse on you.

Imaginary SMG: Seriously, I'm like a size 0. I shouldn't be this hard to dress.

Ringer Writers: SMG is instrumental in picking wardrobe on #RINGER

Imaginary SMG: Lies! It's all lies! I'm calling my imaginary lawyer!

Imaginary Reem Acra: Did you not hear the bridal consultant? Reem Acra is a classic.

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