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Sex, Lies and Videotape

Recapper: Hey, I'm not getting paid to review your whole line, but you ought to be able to find a gown more flattering to that tiny wisp of a woman.

Imaginary Vera Wang: It's not that hard.

Buffy Fans: Thanks for the memories.

Meanwhile, Malcolm is snooping around everywhere. While helping Henry "Tool Belt" Butler re-install software on his home computer, Malcolm finds a receipt from a moving company. It's for clearing out Shiv's secret office. Later, when Bridget confronts Tool Belt about this, he covers pretty well, saying it was an office he paid for and they (he and Shiv) shared. He delights in pretending Bridget is Shiv and in being a jerk to Nice Buffy.

Tool Belt: Because I'm an enormous Tool Belt, I taunt her with the key chain and tell her that her stuff is in storage, but getting it is not my priority.

Audience: There aren't tools enough for your beltage.

At Martin/Charles Vampiress Olivia trades fake niceties with Andrew, over his impending vow renewal. Once she's alone, she gets a text from "Xerxes." It reads: "Hearing murmurs. There's a mole at Martin/Charles." Malcolm almost gets caught snooping around the Martin/Charles computers. First, Claudine sees him at Olivia's desk, but she's more interested in telling him that Andrew and Shiv are going to renew their vows. Malcolm is not amused. Olivia enters next, but when she questions Mal, he claims he's just doing some routine maintenance. Olivia is immediately suspicious, but doesn't take action at first.

When Mal goes to see Bridget, he tells her she can't marry Andrew because he's a crook. Via flashback, we learn that Mal talked to one of Martin/Charles' potential investors, who told him the growth projections were too good to be true. Bridget gets defensive. Malcolm reminds her that Henry pulled his funds out. Bridget is all, "Yeah, but he's a Tool Belt." Via another flashback, we see Henry try to downplay his concerns about Martin/Charles. In doing so, he reveals that Arbogast just invested in them. Bridget is shaken, because she thought Andrew had backed off that idea. When Bridget realizes Malcolm is operating mostly on a hunch, she gets testy with him on Andrew's behalf. They have a little sponsor spat. Malcolm storms out of Park Ave.

Andrew keeps trying to get Bridget to firm up a date for their vow renewal. She keeps hedging. During chitchat she feels him out about landing Arbogast. He tells her he backed off, but Olivia didn't. He admits that Olivia plays as though the rules don't apply to her.

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