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Sex, Lies and Videotape

After office hours, Malcolm uses his masculine wiles on Claudine to get back into Olivia's computer. He downloads some files onto a USB stick that he hides in his shoe. Seconds later, Olivia catches him in her office and has security escort him out. When he sees Bridget the next day, he tells her he was fired on the spot. He shows Bridget his findings, in a particularly yawn-worthy scene. The files he's found strongly indicate Martin/Charles is not on the up and up. The good news, he thinks, is that it seems Olivia is the dirty partner.

At some point, Bridget goes to Martin/Charles and prints out a copy of Olivia's schedule. Olivia catches her with it, but Bridget lies that she's collecting everyone's schedules to help narrow down a date for the vow renewal. Malcolm later uses the schedule when he follows the Vampiress to a sketchy accountant's office. Bridget is supposed to go with him, but she can't because Andrew surprises her by bringing in a wedding planner. Bridget is overwhelmed, mostly because she wants to actually marry Andrew rather than renew Shiv's vows, but she can't tell him that. She's also a little shaken by Malcolm's concerns about Martin/Charles. Andrew is hurt that she needs more time and disturbed when she confesses to having anxiety and doubts. She tries to tell him her doubts aren't about him, but he still has trust issues and I guess he should. They leave off in an uncomfortable place. Poor little smitten kittens.

Tool Belt texts Shiv in Paris and tells her that Andrew and Bridget-as-Shiv are renewing "their" vows. Siobhan flashes back to her own wedding night with Andrew. She seems warm and loving at first as they discuss their honeymoon. Once Andrew brings up having children, Shiv grows distant and reminds him she doesn't want children. When he asks why, she falls silent. He finally brings up the picture of her and Sean in her jewelry box. He came across it when he was borrowing one of her rings to use in getting her engagement ring sized. Shiv doesn't want to talk about it. Andrew is sad they can't even get through their wedding night without an argument. He tells her he's already lost one marriage to secrets and lies. He won't let it happen again.

After the flashback, Siobhan calls Henry. "New strategy." Henry's all, "So, I tell you that Andrew and your sister are getting married and the plan suddenly changes?" Shiv insists it has nothing to do with her feelings. It's just about the larger plan. She tells Tool Belt to bring Bridget the box containing their Martin/Charles research. He later does, and apologizes for being a jerk.

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