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Beer Bad, Blood Badder

Andrew finds her and asks if she's okay. He can't believe how it all came together. "No one would believe the mess that was here three hours ago." Bridget: "You have no idea." Andrew: "You look lovely, by the way." Bridget: "What the hell is wrong with my sister that she would off herself when she was sharing a bed with a stud muffin like you?" Okay, she only says that with her eyes. With her mouth she just says, "Thank you." They have a moment, before Olivia slinks up, grabs Andrew in an overly-familiar way and purrs, "Siobhan, darling, do you mind if I steal your husband." When they walk off, Gemma comes up and says, "Olivia's the reason why women hate other women." Putting the name together with the face, Bridget hesitates as she says, "She's Andrew's... partner." Gemma apologizes for talking about the Olivia "the financial genius" that way. "Wouldn't trust anyone else with my money." Oh now see, between this and Siobhan's empty checking account, I feel like we're getting clues. For what, I don't know. But I smell clues. Gemma gives Bridget credit for letting Andrew work beside that snake. When Gemma is really pounding down the drinks, Bridget suggests she slow down, Gemma pleads she needs it to get through the night. Bridget wants to get through it, too.

Soon, Bridget finds Henry outside on the balcony or roof, I can't really tell, lurking in the shadows where he belongs. He fills her in on Gemma finding his key to the Dandridge. Bridget freaks, but Henry says, "Relax, I told her I go there to write." Bridget: "And she believed you?" Henry: "Well, it's the truth, sort of. I mean there's no affair anymore, right?" Bridget tries to leave, but Henry grabs her wrist and says, "Just tell me, what did I do wrong?" Um, I'm going to go with, "You were yourself." Bridget can't even bother to reply, because she notices blood underneath the corner of Dead Guy's trunk. She blurts, "Excuse me," runs back into the main room, grabs a napkin and starts wiping it up. People in the show thread talk about how long a body will bleed out and shouldn't Dead Guy be past that and they're getting science all over my Soap and they should just STOP IT! This is not Mr. Wizard. This is "Buffy Plays Twins In a Nighttime Soap with Richard Alpert and Ioan Gruffudd."

As poor Bridget is scrubbing furiously at the blood, a male hand taps her on the shoulder and we hear Agent Machado say, "Mrs. Martin?" I don't even know where she puts the bloody napkin. Maybe she stuffed it under the trunk? He apologizes for crashing but she's tough to pin down. He helps himself to some hors d'oeuvres and asks if they can talk. On the roof, Victor starts giving Bridget the building history (first a cannery then a department store). He then lets her know he knows she just fired one contractor and hired another. Bridget: "What are you getting at?" Victor: "Well, call me crazy, but I think there's a reason you're keeping people out of this place." Bridget and Me: "Last time I checked there were over a hundred people inside." Victor: "Tonight, maybe, sure, but any other night..." This is a little dumb, if you ask me. I mean, I know he's just trying to unsettle her and see what he can shake out, but he's tried to get in once, and she was leaving. She didn't want to let him use her bathroom. That's not keeping "people" out any other night. Just sayin'...

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