Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna

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My Bologna Has A First Name. It's GEMMA!

Bridget asks if Malcolm is with Charlie. He says, "No, I left him at the apartment." Then as he opens a padlocked basement door, he lies, "I am at the public library, because my computer went down. [...] I do have good news for you on the Gemma front." He says a cop buddy got Gemma's bank statements and he's reviewing them right now. What he's actually doing is bringing that sandwich down to the cellar, where he has a still living GEMMA tied to a chair. She's blindfolded, and her mouth is covered with duct tape. Jimmy says he's going to take off the tape, but she is not to cry or scream or otherwise raise hell. Then he utters the episode title: "You are going to shut up and eat your bologna." Poor Gemma, but yay, Gemma! Title card

Brooklyn NA Meeting: Malcolm sings Charlie's praises for taking him in and helping him get clean and back into meetings. Bridget walks in while Mal is saying he hasn't used in six days. Bridget beckons to Charlie to meet her out in the hall. Once there, she gives him the gun, still wrapped in one of Shiv's scarfs. When Charlie asks how her "sister" stole the cop's gun, Bridget says, "She didn't," so that we can have another...

Answerful Flashback, Six Weeks Ago, Hamptons Beach House: Bridget finds Jimmy's gun in her bag, but before she can process it, Shiv comes in for some chit chat, and tells her to get some rest, because they have "big plans" for tomorrow. Understatement!

Brooklyn NA Meeting: Bridget tells Charlie she doesn't know how her "sister" got the gun. "I just know I want it gone."

Martin/Charles Financial, Wall St.: Henry and his twins, his adorable ginger twin toddler boys, are visiting Andrew who has some dividend reinvestment forms for Henry to sign. But who cares about that? The twins exist! Andrew is charmed by them, even when they act like...well, toddlers, with Andrew's decorations. Olivia slithers in, and Andrew asks Tool Belt if Gemma's parents are helping him out. It seems not so much -- as Gemma's father, Tim, isn't doing well. It's heart stuff -- a by-pass, a stent. Olivia tries to hide her orgasm-face, inspired, no doubt, by the thought of the wealthy Tim Arbogast with one foot in the grave.

Coffee Shop: Bridget confesses to Malcolm that she gave Officer Jimmy's gun to Charlie and that he's going to get rid of it. He thinks she might need the protection and says she should have talked to him first, but Bridget can't have it in the house, when Andrew is just starting to trust her. Malcolm: "You're pretending to be his dead wife! How can there be any trust in that? I'm sorry, but this Prince Charming fantasy you've got going with Andrew -- it was supposed to be temporary. This is not your life." La la la. Nice Buffy and I can't hear you Malcolm. We LURVES him. Bridget says she knows that, but she can't leave 'til she finds out who was trying to hurt Shiv.

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