Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna

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My Bologna Has A First Name. It's GEMMA!

Park Ave: Bridget rifles through Shiv's desk and wardrobe. When she finds a prescription bottle, she calls the prescribing doctor and makes an appointment for "Siobhan Martin."

Psychiatrist's Office: Look, I don't know if this nameless character (played by the lovely and talented Merle Dandridge (who appeared in the "Home" episode of Buffy's boyfriend's show, Angel) is a psychiatrist or a psychologist. The session seems more like she's a psychologist, but she prescribes meds, so I'm calling her a psychiatrist, okay? Okay. Glad we got that out of the way. Anyhow, Bridget comes in for Shiv's session and sits on the couch instead of the armchair, which the shrink immediately comments on. Bridget has less success pumping Shrinky for information than she did when she went to see that divorce lawyer however many weeks ago. She does pick up on one thing though, before we go to commercial, and she picks up on that thing when Shrinky asks, "Why are you calling yourself Siobhan Martin?"

After the break, Shrinky clarifies that Shiv never uses her real name when booking appointments. Bridget flashes back to her dinner with Andrew, Olivia and Tyler. Tyler says, "I didn't realize I was sleeping with the boss's wife." Bridget says, "Excuse me?" Tyler: "Is that why you told me your name was Cora?"

Back in the present, Bridget whispers, "Cora," and Shrinky finishes, "Cora Farrell." Bridget declares herself the new and improved Siobhan which is no lie, if you squint hard and the light is just right. When the therapist asks how her life has been different since last they spoke, Bridget says her marriage is better; she has ended her affair; and Juliet no longer hates her. Shrinky says that since "Shiv" could do all this work outside of therapy, it's surprising she's back now. She asks what made her book the appointment. Bridget hems and haws. Shrinky pushes. "Something must have felt different this morning." Bridget flashes on her morning make-out session with Andrew, so I take a moment and flash on mine. Back in the present, she tells Shrinky, "Oh my God. I'm falling in love with Andrew." There's a beat that gives Shrinky time to raise her eyebrows. Bridget then adds, "...All over again."

Martin/Charles Financial: Andrew and his assistant Claudine are trying to schedule Andrew and "Shiv's" vacation, when Olivia oozes in. After Claudine is gone, Olivia insists that now is the time to hit Arbogast, since he's sick, and vulnerable over Gemma's disappearance. Andrew refuses to shake down Henry for access to Arbogast. Olivia points that they've lost two of their last six investors. "If we don't land someone to cover those losses, you know what that could mean." Andrew dons his resolve face and leaves the office.

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