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My Bologna Has A First Name. It's GEMMA!

Psychiatrist's Office: Bridget blathers on and on about how happy and surprised Andrew seems that things are going well between the three of us... I mean the two of them. Ahem. "I don't want it to end. I want to keep surprising him." When the session is over, Bridget asks if she needs her prescription refilled. Shrinky says no. Bridget: "So, you don't think I'm depressed, anymore?" Shrinky says, "Siobhan, you know I didn't prescribe those antidepressants for depression." Bridget watches as Shrinky files her latest patient notes, and then leaves.

Charlie's Fake Flat: When Malcolm spends too long in the bathroom, Charlie knocks and ask if he's okay. Mal says he is, rinsing his face and turning to leave when a bottle of mouthwash catches his eye, not literally, because that would sting. Most mouthwash contains alcohol, and most addicts who are working a 12 Step program avoid all intoxicating substances. Mal brings the mouthwash out to Charlie and says he doesn't know if he can risk being around it right now. Charlie takes it, dumps it down the sink, and apologizes, saying it belonged to an ex-girlfriend.

After Charlie leaves his fake flat, Malcolm calls Bridget and tells her what happened. He says he was afraid Charlie might be using again, so he snooped. While there was no drugs or alcohol, the whole set up is weird. Charlie has four pairs of socks, four pairs of boxers and three t-shirts. "The batteries in the remote? They're still shrink-wrapped." Okay...then, how did they fit in the battery compartment? Never mind. Malcolm says Charlie claims to have lived there for months, "And he's never used his remote. Can you really trust this guy?" No. Not if he never watches TV. Seriously. No.

Bridget is loitering in the lobby of Shrinky's building. When Shrinky gets off the elevator and leaves the premises, Bridget cuts Malcolm short and says she'll call him back. She returns to Shrinky's office and asks to use the bathroom. Since the office is closed for lunch, the receptionist tries to send her to the other side of the building, but Bridget takes the key and thanks the receptionist, then sneaks into Shrinky's office. She finally find's Cora/Siobhan's patient file. She grabs the notes from Actual-Shiv's last session and then hears someone approaching. She stows the sheet and returns the file to Shrinky's desk. Shrinky opens the door. "Siobhan? What are you doing here?" Commercial.

Shrinky threatens to call Security, but Bridget lies that she wants to talk some more and couldn't wait 'til her next session. Shrinky tells her if she wanted more time, she should have called. Bridget: "I thought therapy wasn't about judgment." Ha! We cut to the women exiting the elevator. Shrinky says she'd have to reassess if they can continue therapy together. Bridget says she understands. Finally alone with the patient notes, Bridget unfolds them. They read:

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