Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna

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My Bologna Has A First Name. It's GEMMA!

July 17, 2011

Says someone "out to get her"
Complains of sleeplessness
Prescribed antidepressant for paranoia
Patient feared for safety
Convinced she had a stalker
Says she found answer at Gramercy Cathedral

Martin/Charles Financial: Olivia continues to push Andrew to work Henry for an Arbogast contact. Andrew is reluctant and rises to leave. Olivia asks where he's off to in such a hurry, just as Bridget arrives and asks Andrew if he's ready. Andrew smiles. "I invited my wife to lunch." Bridget and Olivia trade sneery smiles.

Lunch: Bridget asks Andrew if he caught the look Olivia shot her. He thinks Olivia is just upset that Andrew won't pursue Tim Arbogast as an investor. Bridget thinks Andrew's doing the right thing, since Gemma is still missing. Andrew proposes a thought experiment. "What if all of it were at stake? Again, it's not. It's just an experiment. What if doing the right thing cost us everything -- the loft, the apartment, the house in the Hamptons, the clothes?" Bridget cringes. "Even the sushi?" Andrew laughs and says yes, even that. "Would you...would you stand with me?" I will. I will. Ooh, pick me! Like me, Bridget is but a 14-year-old girl in the flush of first love. She smiles and nods. "I'd stand with you." Andrew, who is holding her hand, kisses it, and then asks what she has planned for the day. Bridget: "What would you say if I said I was going to church?" Andrew: "You? In church? You'd melt." Bridget utters a very-Buffy, "Hey!" Andrew reminds her of the fight she put up over a church wedding. Bridget covers: "No, not seriously. Just a thought experiment." They smile, laugh and make googly eyes at each other, but sadly there's no more kissing.

Fake Flat: When Charlie gets back, Mal apologizes for putting up a stink over the mouthwash. They chat and then Charlie goes to take a shower, so Malcolm rifles through Charlie's jacket pockets. He finds a wallet, but it is empty of cards, cash, I.D., etc. There is, however, a single key tucked inside. The tag on it reads: "9600 Colonial Rd. # S 18.

Gramercy Cathedral is no longer an open church. It's for sale and one of the entrances is boarded up and covered with graffiti. Quite a few people are exiting through another doorway, though. Bridget notices a man push a wobbly woman out the door.

Post Office (or one of those P.O. box places): Malcolm opens a P.O. box with the key he swiped from Charlie. Inside is a letter; the address label reads: "Mr. John Delario, 96 Colonial Road #S-18, Brooklyn, NY 11220," which is where we are, right?

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