Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna

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My Bologna Has A First Name. It's GEMMA!

Gramercy Cathedral: The lower level is now a bar. Bridget enters, trying to figure out what Shiv would have been doing there, but hides when she sees Charlie sitting at the bar, ordering what the bartender reminds him is his second whiskey. Charlie argues that he hasn't had a drink in five days. "Hit me." The bartender says, "Whatever you say, John." Commercial.

Bridget looks like she's going to get sick. A be-do-ragged man asks if he can help her. Bridget says, "Yeah. Have you ever seen him..." (she nods toward Charlie/John) "...in here, with...me?" When Bridget greases his skids with some cash, Do-Rag says, "No, but he's here a lot. He's always drinking whiskey. He's always on his cell." TO YOUR SISTER WHO ISN'T DEAD, NICE BUFFY! Charlie/John is downing his third shot by the time Bridget leaves. Outside the bar she calls Malcolm and tells him to meet her at Fake Flat, ASAP.

Back in the bar, Charlie, who I'm going to call John from now on, unless I forget (I'll probably forget) gets a call from Shiv (still in Paris) who wants to know how things are going with Malcolm. This is a pretty reveal-y conversation, so I'm going to transcribe a lot. John says Malcolm is cleaned up and everything is okay right now. "This guy is no Gemma. He's as determined to keep this secret as Bridget is. Besides, I've only got so much room in that basement. This way's better for now" Shiv: "I'll have to take your word on it." John: "Remember that little thing you were so freaked out about, the day she arrived in New York?" Shiv: "The gun?" John: "Guess who up and gave it to me, today?" Shiv isn't impressed. "What do you want, a medal, John? The only reason she had that gun, in the first place, is that the cop you hired gave it to her." John says, "Yeah, and I told you he needed a story to cover his ass. Jimmy was the only person close enough to Bridget to pull off the job. He got her to you, didn't he?" Shiv sighs. "What. Ever." When she hangs up on him, John just shakes his head.

Martin/Charles Financial: Andrew returns and tells Olivia he's decided it is the wrong time to pursue Arbogast. Olivia wants to know what's changed his mind. Someone needs listening lessons, because Andrew has not been keen on this idea, all episode. He's lovely though, so he doesn't rub that in. Instead, he says, "A month ago, I probably would have done it, but now -- I have other things to live for than our bottom line. Olivia sneers. "Siobhan." Andrew says, "I guess I want to be the man she thinks I am." Once he's gone, Olivia picks up Henry's file and reviews the dividend reinvestment form, Andrew just had him sign. She folds and rips it up.

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